Sylane’s story was a pivotal point for me in my 41 year journey with Christ.  God used her testimony to reveal something very profound about the way I’ve dealt with shame over the sins of my past.  That weekend God freed me from it once and for all, and in His perfect timing!  Sylane consistently brought us back to God’s Word, the only real catalyst for lasting change.  Praise Him for binding up the bruises of His people and continually finishing the work He started in us!

Reneé Moore

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I was a reluctant participant in our women’s conference this year, featuring Sylane Mack as our speaker. As a mom of three small girls, I didn’t think I had time to fit it in my busy and exhausting schedule. I also was squeamish about hearing her story, because I knew it would be a heavy subject matter and I wasn’t sure how encouraged I would feel after hearing all that her story entailed.

I was so very wrong and so quickly convicted of my poor attitude and hard heart! I have been a Christian all my life that I can remember, and I have heard countless speakers. Sylane’s message of forgiveness and reconciliation ranks at the very top of any I have ever heard. Her story, told so truthfully and gently, is such a testimony of the redeeming love of Jesus Christ and His pursuit of us, even the worst of all sinners.

I am so pleased Sylane is using the intense pain andsuffering in her life to point us all to the cross of the One who suffered and died for us. I witnessed the very power of God at work in her life, and I left so encouraged by her faith and blessed by her story, even though it differs so much from mine.
You will not regret inviting Sylane to speak to your group, and you will leave amazed by the way God uses her to communicate His story of relentless grace.

Mary Grace Lyon

Trinity Presbyterian Church Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Sylane Mack was the speaker at our annual Women’s Conference on February 3 and 4, 2012. Her topic, Harvest of Hearts, focused on forgiveness and the healing power of our Lord. It is a message for all ages. We had over 60 college students, single professionals, young mothers and several great-grandmothers in attendance. Sylane is a gifted speaker and communicator. Her message is powerful, joyful, encouraging and Scripture based. The response has been so favorable that we hope to have Sylane come again in the near future.

Madelyn Pruet

Women's Conference Committee Chairman, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

What a wonderful weekend to have Sylane come and share, teach and love on all of us through our Harvest of Hearts women’s conference. I, along with others, said they had never heard a more powerful testimony and teaching of God’s Word. I am so thankful that Sylane shares her past so that we can see what power there is in God’s unlimited love, forgiveness and transforming grace.  Sylane is a woman of deep conviction and understanding that it is HE who heals us. Thank you, my friend and sister in Christ, for living out your God-given calling so that others may hear and grow in their faith.

Janis Smith

Trinity Presbyterian Church, PCA Tuscaloosa, AL

Sylane has a wonderful gift and ministry to help people understand God’s calling and stay focused on doing His will. Our local Board of Directors for The Upper Room’s Walk to Emmaus was truly blessed to have her guide us during a leadership retreat. Sylane’s compassion, grace and insight proved to be an effective reminder that the Joy of the Lord is in everything we do, no matter how tedious or overwhelming the job may seem. I am honored to call her friend and fellow Christian.


Walk to Emmaus, Western N.Y.

As we worked together for five years in ministry, Sylane showed me her sincere faith and desire to honor God in various ways. She was always willing to serve, both behind the scenes or using her gift with words–as she often did at our CBS opening sessions or while facilitating at our 1996 Leadership Council Retreat. Through her ministry Sylane freely shares the abundant love of Christ with others.


Community Bible Study Rochester, NY

Sylane Mack’s ability to share her genuine forgiveness while expressing the trauma of her past is an extraordinary gift. She described the power and influence of her faith in a very powerful and profound way.


Mathom House, Doylestown, PA