We each need to think about where we really expend our energy, time and effort. Where is it that we apply ourselves? Where is it that we apply our hearts, our ears, our emotions, our thoughts, our motivations and our actions?

There are many people whose future is uncertain right now when it comes to their employment status. Some are currently unemployed. Some are under-employed. Some know that their jobs are on the line and may be gone soon.

These precious ones will be putting energy, time and effort to apply for the kind of job that will help provide for their financial needs – for their earthly survival needs. To apply energy, time and effort in this way is absolutely necessary and right for them to do. It is a good thing.

Others will be putting their energy, time and effort to apply for admittance into all sorts of educational programs, universities and specialized training courses. And once accepted into those programs, their energy, time and effort will be applied to further developing their abilities and talents within a variety of fields of study – from art to business, from language to math, from music to ministry, from salon services to carpentry, from plumbing to social work, from athletics to technology and oh-so-many other fields of expertise. To apply energy, time and effort to develop a greater knowledge level and stronger skills is also a very good thing. And for most people, it is a necessary requirement for getting and/or keeping their job.

Right in the midst of everything else that would – for good and necessary reasons – pull on our energy, time and efforts, God wants us to apply our attention to Him, to His Word and His loving plan for our lives.

Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge.         Proverbs 23:12

God calls us to the very best and most necessary thing to which we should apply our hearts and our ears: To knowing and listening to – and following – God’s Word and God’s purposeful directions and good desires for our lives.

Yes, of course, we need to apply our energy, time and effort into our education and into our employment situations. This is good and necessary. And, yet, it is still only temporary.

Applying our hearts and our ears to God’s Eternal Word gives us a depth of peace and security, hope and perspective that no job, degree or certification ever could. When we apply our hearts and ears to God’s loving instruction and the knowledge of His truth, we can be certain that this will be one application – of our energy, time and effort – that will be fully accepted and bring great blessings to our lives, and to the lives of those around us!