March 29


Our seasons change. The Earth keeps revolving around the Sun. We move from winter to spring to summer to fall. It’s natural. It’s expected. The cycle of seasons continues. So, too, do the seasons in our own lives. We experience times of accomplishments and achievements, of foibles and failures, times of great celebration and times of deep mourning. These changes, these seasons, are also expected, natural and continuous throughout our lives.

We often long to prolong the sweet and easy times. We want those good moments and days to last for every bit of lengthening time we could possibly stretch them. On the other hand, we would be very happy to rush, as quickly as possible and with the fewest negative effects as possible, through each of those painful, ugly and difficult times we experience.

Scripture tells us that everything – each experience, each circumstance – has its rightful time and season in our life and, no matter what that season may bring to us, whether we want it or want to run from it, God will make everything beautiful in its time.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…  God has made everything beautiful in its time. – Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11

Deep within our very souls we yearn for a time when we would be fully free of all that would break our hearts and cause us pain…for a time when all that has covered us in shame would be blown away. We yearn for a time when all the ugly and sinful things that have been done to us, and all the ugly and sinful things that we have done to others, would no longer cause one more moment of pain or regret for us or for those we have hurt. Our souls yearn deeply (and sometimes with only a vague and tiny trembling consciousness of it) for True Beauty.

The fulfillment of these soul yearnings is offered to us fully in our Beautiful God. Although their fulfillment is shrouded somewhat, for now, on this side of Heaven, the fulfillment of God making everything beautiful is offered to us through our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Through one of the cruelest, most painful and darkest days of all time and space, our Sovereign God accepted the suffering and death of Jesus as the fulfillment of His Holy Justice, for the required punishment for our own sins. Beautiful.

And, more beautiful still, is the promise and hope we have been given of life eternal – right here, right now and forever – with our Holy and Beautiful God who raised Jesus Christ from death to life! It is this Beautiful Truth that we hold onto during each and every change and season of our lives. Trusting that whatever is hard, painful or ugly will be transformed by the eternally redeeming Beauty of our Lord Jesus. And it is this same Beautiful Truth through which we see a glimpse and a reflection of our Beautiful God in all that is good and beautiful in nature, in people and in our experiences.

May we each choose to trust our Sovereign God so that our eyes will see and hearts will know that there is purpose and beauty in each day and in each season of our lives!