We are never to get complacent or take for granted the amazing love gift of life we have received through Jesus. We are never to miss the opportunity to grow stronger by living in the power of God’s Spirit and Word available to us. We are always to turn our attitudes towards thankfulness recognizing that we are always held in God’s unfailing love.

Just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in your faith and overflowing with thankfulness.  Colossians 2:6-7

We have received the wonderful, eternal gift of life through Jesus! And we need to remember to live this new life – to choose to continue to live this new life in a day-by-day way! Life in Jesus is not just a one day special! Salvation is an eternal gift of life! Eternal life with Jesus doesn’t just begin on the other side of Heaven when our earthly is over! We’re not to just bide our time, just making it through – and, maybe, just barely at that – while here on this earth.

Oh, no! That’s not part of God’s plan and it doesn’t reflect God’s unlimited love and power given to all who belong to Jesus! Our eternal life with Jesus is part of our living reality right now. Our eternal life began the moment we trusted that Jesus died to forgive our sins and give us life now and eternally! By God’s Spirit and Word we are brought to life and are called to continue to live each and every one of our days in Jesus and in His grace and truth!

Sometimes I forget this. Sometimes I get sad, discouraged, angry, prideful, pitiful, selfish, sinful, sick, tired, sick-and-tired, lazy, apathetic and just plain uppity! When I forget all that God has for me – for all of us – so that I may continue to live in the love, the power, the grace and the truth of Jesus Christ, my Holy Abba reminds me that:

Continuing to live in Christ Jesus is about making the choice daily – moment by moment – to be active and intentional about growing deeper, closer and stronger in our intimacy with Jesus. So much of this will happen as we choose to consistently read, meditate on and apply God’s Word – God’s good, living, active and transforming Word – to our lives.         

Continuing to live in Christ Jesus is about trusting God, His loving goodness and eternal plan, even if we don’t feel the love or see any good reason for what we may be dealing with right at any given moment or season in our life.

Continuing to live in Christ Jesus is about being teachable and willing to have our attitudes, perspectives and paradigms of reality shaken up as we grow more and more convinced of who God is and how greatly we are loved – beyond our imagination – by our good and faithful God!

Continuing to live in Christ Jesus is about choosing to commit ourselves to being more and more conformed to His likeness in every thing we are, in every word we speak, in every relationship we have, in every action, interaction and reaction that comes from us. We are to love God, love others and love ourselves in good, true, life-bringing and life-affirming ways!

May we each continue to live in Christ Jesus! Live the truest, fullest life we could ever have!