Love and evil do not dance together. There can be no partnership between love and evil on any level. At any time. All sin – all evil – has nothing to do with love.

Love does not delight in evil – I Corinthians 13:6

As humans, in our frail, flawed and finite state, we sometimes have a hard time recognizing or maybe – if we were to be really honest – we have a hard time admitting that we do things that are evil. Especially if we enjoyed it. We enjoyed our selfish, private, hidden sins – from pigging out to pornography. We enjoyed our more public sins – from putting someone down to piercing someone’s heart, from getting drunk to getting involved in an affair. We enjoyed proving our point to the point of destroying someone else in some way. We enjoyed getting back at someone or getting away with something…that lie, that cheating, that stealing, that sin.

No matter how we classify and justify our sinful actions – whether as just small mistakes or as something that isn’t really all that bad, whether as our own private business alone or as a willful and blatant act that we know is completely counter and displeasing to our Holy God, but we just don’t care – they are all still evil.

Love cannot…love will not…delight in anything for which Jesus Christ had to suffer and die. Love sees evil as it truly is: life-deceiving, life-diminishing, life-destroying. Love does not delight in evil.