Overcome Evil with Good!

Do you ever just feel absolutely overwhelmed or overcome by the evil in the world? Or by the evil that comes at you from the people or the circumstances in your own life? I do. And when that is the case, we must remember that we have not been left powerless or without choice. Sometimes our choice is much simpler than we realize or remember. God directs us and enables us to do things God’s way. To overcome evil with good.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. – Romans 12:21

I am humbled beyond explanation by God’s call on my life to enter so intimately into the lives of others as I counsel and teach from God’s Word about His love, grace and truth. Humbled and thankful. In awe of God. In awe of what God can do in our lives. Yet, I have a confession: There are times I just want to run away and hide. There are times I want to just stop listening and talking to any one and every one. There are times I want to stop trying. There are times I feel overcome by all of the meanness and evil and pain and ugliness and poverty and injustice and brokenness and cruelty and selfishness there is in this world. There is in us. There is in the way we treat others. There is in the way we live.

And, then, there it is. There it comes again. Unfailingly. God’s powerful, sweet whoosh of LOVE. God’s Good Love.

And God quiets me. God offers Himself as my hiding place. God gives my mind His Sabbath rest. And there, God renews me with His eternal perspective. God reminds me, tenderly and strongly, that Jesus Christ has already overcome all the power of evil for all eternity with His Good Love. God overcomes. God wins.

And I can breathe again. I can listen and speak and stay in the moment – even in the midst of unleashed ugly and evil – to love on people again with, and only because of, the power of God’s Good Love that overcomes evil.

We are not to be overcome by evil. Not Ever. We are to overcome evil with good. Always.

Choose to listen, to trust and obey, and to be empowered by the truth of God’s Good Love for you. Choose to overcome evil with good. With that one person. In that one situation. With one good thought. One good word. One good action. One day at a time. Each day of your life.