Ministry and Prayer Updates – January 2014

We are so excited and thankful for all that our God has already done and will yet do in 2014 as we serve our Lord Jesus in Conferences and in Counseling Sessions! And even with all our excitement about the journey before us, we celebrate this great, balancing, faithful, eternal and unchanging truth:
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. – Hebrews 13:8
How great it is to know that our Lord Jesus does not change with the seasons nor the circumstances of our lives! And His message of Love, Salvation, Forgiveness, Freedom,
Healing and Transformation is the same for every one, every where, every day.

Holding on to this truth is essential as we counsel people experiencing so many different hurts and confusion, sin strong-holds and brokenness and as we speak into the lives of a variety of different groups – all made up of individuals, with very individual stories of their own.

Our First Big Change for 2014!

Grace Moments – a daily devotional written by Sylane Mack started its daily email delivery on January 1, 2014! These messages, filled with God’s grace and truth, are meant to refresh, refocus and encourage you to seek God’s Love, Word and Spirit to fill you and flow through you more fully and freely – in all that you are, in all that you do and in all of your relationships. To receive Grace Moments, please write to us at – we’d love to include and encourage you in this way!     This is a free gift to all! Sign up now and take some time for Grace Moments in your life!

Our Next Events!

January 25 – Yes! This Saturday! Sylane Mack will speak at the Women4Women’s event, “New Beginnings” held at Grace Point in Newtown, PA from 8:45am – 1pm with lunch included. Sylane’s teaching, The God of No Loopholes! focuses on God’s Absolute Love and God’s Absolute call on our lives – No Loopholes included!

February 4 & 5 – Sylane will be ministering again(!) at Mathom House, Rehabilitation/Prison Facility, for adolescent sexual perpetrators. On Feb 4 & 5 Sylane will speak in two different therapeutic group sessions with the young men and some of Mathom’s staff members. The  evening of Feb 4 Sylane will also speak at the Parents and Family Group Meeting.

February 17 & 18 – Sylane will be in Littleton, Colorado to speak at Denver Seminary – at their Chapel service, in different classes and with different ministry leader groups

Pray for God to open even more opportunities for Sylane to minister and make connections for future speaking events while she is in Colorado.  

Please join us in PRAYER:
For each person to be deeply encouraged and challenged to trust and follow our God, God’s Word and God’s Way as they read Grace Moments and CONVINCED!
For each Counseling Session and each Conference Speaking Opportunity – that every person with whom we interact will allow the unfailing love and transforming grace of our Lord Jesus to bring salvation, healing, freedom and renewal to their lives!
For each of us who serve on the Board and Staff of TBG to be fully obedient to our Lord Jesus and greatly effective as vessels of God’s love, grace and truth!
For God to bring many more committed Partners in Grace to TBG – to join us with their faithful prayers and financial support! Please become our PinG today! God uses you to make everything we do possible as we interact and intervene in many lives with the hope of the gospel and the truth of God’s transforming grace!

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Remember to join us on the 10th day of each month as we passionately PRAY for God’s life-giving, life-freeing, transforming work to be done in the lives of all with whom we minister – at conferences, counseling sessions, on corners and in coffee shops!
Celebrating the Truth of our Lord Jesus who never changes
– even as our lives do!
With love and prayers for you all – on behalf of the Board and Staff of Transformed by Grace!
Sylane Mack