January 20

Shhhhhhh…The Beloved Is Resting!

You may have seen a picture of Jesus carrying a little lamb on His strong, powerful shoulders. We need to take that image as our own. And recognize the loving, protective care Jesus has for the little lamb who is carried. This is exactly how our LORD carries each one of us. In God we are safe. In God we may rest in His constant protection. In God we are carried in His love for us. Because we are His beloved.

Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in Him, for He shields the beloved all day long, and the one the LORD loves rests between His shoulders.            Deuteronomy 33:12

Isn’t this an amazing image to grab hold of for ourselves? First of all, we are called BELOVED.

Oh, just stay there for moment. Rest in that truth. Really sense the power, passion and intimate love that the One who calls you beloved has for you. It’s a great word. It’s a great reality. We are powerfully, passionately, intimately loved by the LORD of All Creation – by Almighty God. We are His beloved.

God knows His beloved so well. God knows we need quiet. We need stillness and rest. We need to rest right in the midst of our rushing and busyness and all of the noise and demands in our lives. Our God knows we need to feel secure and safe in order to rest. We need to know we are protected. We can’t rest if we’re worried or afraid, pressured or distracted. God promises us a rest that is secure in Him, shielded by His eternal, protective love every moment. All day long.

We, as the LORD’s beloved, are picked up to rest on His shoulders. We can trust God. We can trust His shoulders. These are the same ones that Isaiah spoke of when he said,

…and the government will be on His shoulders… – Isaiah 9:6.

Yes. All authority in all of Creation rests on our LORD’s shoulders. So, I’m thinking that’s a pretty safe place for me to rest, too.

And just as our Erin and Julia did to me and their Daddy when they were little girls, I’m going to raise my hands up to Jesus – to be picked up and to be held in the safety of His loving arms. And I’m going to snuggle in and rest. Rest as God’s little lamb. Rest as the LORD’s beloved.

Shhhhhhh…You rest, too. Right in the midst of whatever this day brings to you. Rest as the beloved of your LORD!