Fight the Right Fight.
Wounded ones. Whether wounded from acts of terrorism, devastating illness, the death of a dear one or the unkind and cruel treatment by those who should have loved them well and sweetly – wounded ones are in our midst. And each of us knows woundedness in our own lives on some intimate level…in some very personal way.
Wounded ones are in pain. In shock. In anger. In denial. In confusion. In desperation. In fear. And each precious one is in deep need of love, compassion, healing and hope – care and calm, safety and sanctuary.
We do not have answers for the “Why?” for much – or many – of the wounds that we and others suffer.
However, I have found that in acknowledging that: “This is a broken world” – I am a little more free from the tyranny of expecting a life without wounds on this side of Heaven.
I, by God’s grace alone, have learned to fight the right fight: I stop fighting the impossible battle against the truth of this world’s brokenness, and instead choose to fight ever more passionately to bring love, compassion, healing and hope – care and calm, safety and sanctuary wherever I can…whenever I can…to whomever I can.
And I open myself to receive all of this from my fellow wounded ones as they – in fighting the right fight – offer these same gifts of beauty and kindness to me.
We who are believers in Jesus know that in spite of our wounds – we are still…
“more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” And, as the Apostle Paul continued…(and I KNOW you have heard this from me before!)…
“I am CONVINCED that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” – Romans 8:37-39
May the unfailing love of Christ hold us in His perfect love, compassion, healing and hope – care and calm, safety and sanctuary…and may “Christ’s love compel us” (2 Corinthians 5:14) to be vessels of God’s love to others in deep and tangible ways. Right in the midst of this broken world. May we each choose to fight the right fight!

Giving Thanks For GOD’s LOVE in the Midst of Brokenness!  
– March 2Sylane and Cathy Buser, a faithful and fabulous TBG Team Member, ministered at the Women’s Conference for Cornerstone EV Free Church of Easton, PA. Sylane presented “Is Real Forgiveness Really Possible?” in three sessions during this beautiful day set apart for these precious women. We were absolutely blown away by the response of those who attended – and that many more attended than had been expected! Our God, His Love and His Word spoke deeply, encouragingly and challengingly to all of us – for His glory and the saving and transforming of many lives!

March 8TBG celebrated our 10th Anniversary! We are so thankful for all the many ways God has led us, the lives God has allowed us to touch and the way God has used our Partners in Grace to faithfully support the mission to which we have been called! We are first and foremost to be Christ’s ambassadors who proclaim and live out the truth of God’s Conquering, Unfailing Love – both within our local Counseling Ministry and wherever GOD chooses to open doors for our Conference Speaking Ministry!

– April 15 and 16Sylane ministered (again!) at Mathom House, the prison/rehabilitation facility for adolescent sexual perpetuators. During two Marathon Therapy Sessions Sylane shared her testimony of abuse with these young men who have so horribly abused others. Yet, that is not where she ended her story…nor does it need to be the end of the story for these young men! These young men – wounded ones themselves – were told the truth about how horrendously ugly, evil, cruel, selfish and destructive their actions were towards each of those precious people whom they victimized. AND they were told of the grace of Jesus that offers them forgiveness, healing, renewal and the power to choose to live their lives held by God rather than held by their lusts or their wounds. PRAY that each of these young men will allow God to break the cycle of abuse in their lives so that they never victimize another person…and PRAY that they will be set free from the sins of their pasts so that they may live transformed lives that reflect God’s healing – within themselves and in every future relationship they have.

The young men with whom I have spoken at Mathom House over these past ten years often ask me why would I come to speak to them – knowing what they’ve done…knowing what I have suffered. My answer: Christ’s love compels me. I know and, yes, I am convinced that Jesus did not have to shed even one more drop of blood to forgive them than He did for me. We each are just as needy for God’s love, forgiveness and renewal in our lives. I am just as desperate for Jesus, His Salvation, His Transformation and His Promise of Eternal Life as are they.

Our Next Events to be lifting in PRAYER!  
– May 19-31Sylane will be in Jordan with a dear friend. We won’t be sharing too many details via public internet venues. However, we are asking you to be in prayer for God to allow Sylane to be a vessel of His love, hope and peace to all with whom she interacts.
If you would like to have more information about Sylane’s trip to Jordan, please email DeAnne Harland – our Administrative Angel – at:
Also, we are asking for at least 12 people to commit to praying daily for Sylane’s time in Jordan. Again, please contact DeAnne if God is moving you to this particular act of love.

– May 31-June 8Sylane will go from Jordan to the UK! Why Not? It’s on the way!

  • May 31-June 3 – At least three events (and there may be more!) in the Chesham, Bucks area are being put together with the help of our dear friends Mandy Watsham and Clive Dunstall.  
  • June 7 – another event has been organized because a precious woman and new friend, Lorna Selwood, from Winchester, Hampshire reached out to Sylane after she watched (via Sylane’s February 20, 2013 talk at Compassion International Headquarters’ Chapel and read “Convinced!”

How great is our God to weave all of our lives together for His good purposes so that His love, hope, healing, freedom, salvation and transformation may be made known to many others!

Keep those PRAYERS coming for ALL that we do as ambassadors of our Lord Jesus Christ!

 Join us in Fighting the Right Fight – Being God’s Love – in the Midst of Brokenness! 
Become a Partner in Grace and YOU will help us bring God’s Love and Healing to others in very deep and tangible ways. YOUR financial support and your prayers make so many things possible:

  • We can continue to offer solidly professional and Biblical Counseling to those who are wounded – many of whom cannot pay for our services. Yet, as a ministry we are committed to paying our TBG Adjunct Counselors for their professional care-giving, wise and godly counsel and sacrifice of time that they make for each child, youth, man, woman, couple and family with whom they meet.
  • We can continue to accept Conference Speaking invitations from wherever those invitations come – even if the organization is not able to pay (or pay fully) for the event and the travel expenses. We are first and foremost committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the healing and transformation that He offers. With that as our first commitment, we are fully dependent on God – via our Partners in Grace – to provide for the sustainability of this ministry so that we may continue to bear much fruit!
  • We can continue to provide Bibles for the young men at Mathom House (and others) as we have committed to doing for anyone who asks.
  • And in – oh! – so many more ways as we touch lives directly with the transforming grace of Jesus Christ!

PLEASE become a Partner in Grace with us today!

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Remember to join us on the 10th day of each month as we passionately PRAY for God’s life-giving, life-freeing, transforming work to be done in the lives of all with whom we minister – at conferences, counseling sessions, on corners and in coffee shops!
All for God’s glory and with the passionate call to be vessels of God’s love in the midst of brokenness!
You are lifted in love and prayer – the Board and Staff of Transformed by Grace!
Sylane Mack