March 1, 2013


God has done great things, God is doing great things and God will continue to do great things! Everything will be made beautiful in its time! Yet, on this side of Heaven there is so much ugly in this world. So much hurt, anguish, sickness, suffering, abuse, desolation, poverty. So much Brokenness and Sin. But! That is NOT where God leaves us. He has Beauty in mind! Freedom, Healing and Wholeness…and unfathomable Beauty for all of us!

God has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what He has done [is doing and will do] from the beginning to the end! – Ecclesiastes 3:11

Giving Thanks For How GOD Makes Everything Beautiful in Its Time!
– February 19-24 – Sylane was in Colorado Springs and Denver, ministering in many ways with many people!
Feb 20 – At Compassion International Headquarters in Colorado Springs for a day of ministry. Sylane spoke at CI’s Chapel Service – sharing her testimony through her talk entitled, “No Matter What! Love Conquers All!” Between 550 and 600 people attended. Her talk was also live-streamed to 28 different Compassion ministry venues around the world. May God be glorified! You can watch the Chapel service on the Compassion Blog for 2/24 at:

After Chapel Sylane met with many to listen/talk/counsel/pray with those who sought this more intimate time.
Lunch was spent enjoying fellowship, encouraging and sharing ideas with Compassion’s Staff Care Team.
Jill (Ridder) DeRaad, a dear younger friend and Compassion employee, served as Sylane’s partner at CI.

Feb 21 and 22 – Sylane spoke both days LIVE on the radio show “Broken and Beautiful with the REAL Traci Rock” on KLTT 670AM. Amazing time of deep ministry and a powerful connection with Traci, Carrie and Cydnie at the studio! All praise be to our God who does make all things beautiful!
You can listen to podcasts of these two shows at: These amazing people actually put a special tab for “Sylane Mack” on their website, sharing information about the ministry of Transformed by Grace and “Convinced!” All for the glory of God and for Christ’s beautiful transforming grace to be made known in many, many more lives!

– Three other meetings with individuals, couples and groups of ministry leaders also took place over those days! God truly does make everything beautiful in its time…according to His time! And God uses the Body of Christ to display, reveal and pour out so much of His Awesome Beauty into this dark world!

Our Next Events to be lifting in PRAYER!
March 2 (Yes! Tomorrow!) Sylane and Cathy Buser, a faithful and fabulous TBG Team Member, will minister at the Women’s Conference for Cornerstone EV Free Church of Easton, PA. Sylane will present “Is Real Forgiveness Really Possible?” in three sessions during this beautiful day set apart for these precious women.

March 8TBG will be having a special event to give thanks to our God and to our Partners in Grace as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary! We are so thankful for all the many ways God has led us, the lives God has allowed us to touch and the way God has used our PinGs to faithfully support the mission to which we have been called! We are first and foremost to be Christ’s ambassadors who proclaim and live out the truth of God’s Conquering, Beautiful Love – both within our local Counseling Ministry and wherever GOD chooses to open doors for our Conference Speaking Ministry!

Please PRAY for God’s Conquering, Beautiful Love to transform every life present at every event and in every counseling appointment!

Please join us in PRAYING                                                                                                – for Convinced! (Sylane’s autobiography) to get into the hands, heads, hearts and lives of many, many people so they may know the incredible, transforming grace of our God and the power of His forgiveness and love!
– for our Counseling Ministry to passionately and wisely offer the love, hope, healing, grace and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ to all those with whom we meet – individual men and women, couples, families, children and youth!
– for our Conference Speaking Ministry to have many more opportunities to bring the message of Christ’s love and transforming grace to many more groups of people locally, nationally and internationally! Please help to open the doors for this to happen by encouraging others you know to book TBG for a retreat, conference or outreach!
– for our  Partners in Grace that God would bless our current PinGs for whom we are so very grateful!
Pray, too, that God would increase and encourage more people to become our Partners in Grace praying for us and financially supporting us so that we may grow in our ability to reach many others with the message of Christ’s transforming grace with which God has entrusted us!

PLEASE become a Partner in Grace with us today!

Connect with Sylane via Facebook!    AND order your copy of CONVINCED!

Remember to join us on the 10th day of each month as we passionately PRAY for God’s life-giving, life-freeing, transforming work to be done in the lives of all with whom we minister – at conferences, counseling sessions, on corners and in coffee shops!

All for God’s glory and with the passionate desire to be vessels of God’s Conquering, Beautiful Love!
You are lifted in love and prayer – the Board and Staff of Transformed by Grace!
Sylane Mack