As we enter into 2013, and will soon be celebrating our 10th year as an incorporated ministry (!!), the Board and Staff of Transformed By Grace and I are looking forward to all that our God will do in and through each of us as we seek to bring glory to our Lord Jesus and the truth of God’s unfailing love and transforming grace into the lives of many, many more people – in our local area, across this nation and around the world!  
We passionately desire to impact and influence others with God’s Love and Word. Yet, we know, deeply and humbly, that this is impossible unless we keep FIRST THINGS FIRST – which our Lord Jesus makes absolutely clear what that must be:   

Seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness, then all these things will be given to you as well.– Matthew 6:33

As we desire to be impactful and influential for our God, we must FIRST allow God to truly and continually impact and influence each of us as children of His kingdom – under His Sovereign, Perfect and Loving Rule.
We must FIRST and continually allow our God to transform each of us more and more into the righteousness – the truly loving, grace and truth filled – likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Otherwise, even our most passionate of desires to touch the lives of others would be empty, powerless and potentially self-serving. PRAY with us and for us that each of us who serve via TBG – as children and servants, friends and ambassadors of our Lord Jesus Christ – would always keep FIRST THINGS FIRST!

Please join us in PRAYING –
– for Convinced! (Sylane’s autobiography) to get into the hands, heads, hearts and lives of many, many people so they may know the incredible, transforming grace of our God and the power of His forgiveness and love!
– for our Counseling Ministry to passionately and wisely offer the love, hope, healing, grace and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ to all those with whom we meet – individual men and women, couples, families, children and youth!   
– for our Conference Speaking Ministry to have many more opportunities to bring the message of Christ’s love and transforming grace to many more groups of people locally, nationally and internationally! Please help to open the doors for this to happen by encouraging others you know to book TBG for a retreat, conference or outreach!   
– for our Partners in Grace that God would bless our current PinGs for whom we are so very grateful!  
Pray, too, that God would increase and encourage more people to become our Partners in Grace – praying for us and financially supporting us so that we may grow in our ability to reach many others with the message of Christ’s transforming grace with which God has entrusted us!  
PLEASE become a Partner in Grace with us today!   

Our Next Event to be lifting in Prayer!  
January 11-13Sylane, along with Jean Heiss of Rochester, NY will be ministering at the Women’s Retreat for Grace Church of Sahuarita, Arizona on Friday and Saturday; Sylane will be sharing the message from Harvest of Hearts and Jean will lead the worship and singing, as well as serve as Sylane’s prayer partner and TBG team member. On Sunday, Sylane will speak at both of Grace’s worship services. Please pray for each person present throughout this weekend of ministry – and far beyond this weekend – to be deeply moved to receive and choose to continually live in God’s loving power to heal, renew and transform lives!

Connect with Sylane via Facebook!  AND order your copy of CONVINCED!

Remember to join us on the 10th day of each month as we passionately PRAY for God’s life-giving, life-freeing, transforming work to be done in the lives of all with whom we minister – at conferences, counseling sessions, on corners and in coffee shops!

All for God’s glory and the passionate desire that The Body of Christ will keep FIRST THINGS FIRST!
With love and prayers for you all – on behalf of the Board and Staff of Transformed by Grace!
Sylane Mack