Transformation: A Personal Note from the Chairman of the Board of TBG

A Personal Note from Andrew Chirico, Chairman of the Board of TBG

Have you ever wondered how your life would have been different if you had made a different decision?  What if you had attended a different college or married a different person or accepted a different job?  How would your life have turned out? What if you hadn’t gone to that place where you heard the Gospel and it changed your life?

I know exactly where I would be.  I would be in a Federal Penitentiary serving three consecutive life sentences, just like three of my friends.  It happened long ago, but it transformed my life.

I was in the Marine Corps and stationed in San Diego prior to being sent to Vietnam.  Several of us would go out drinking every Friday night after work.  We would come back late Saturday, sleep it off Sunday and then go back to work on Monday.

This particular Friday I pulled guard duty.  I had $10.00 in my pocket.  I could buy my way out of guard duty, but then I wouldn’t have my share of the money to buy the booze.  So I was forced to stay in and stand guard.

My three friends went out drinking and ended up throwing their empty beer cans at passing cars.  One fellow in a truck stopped and got into a fight with them.  They beat him up and killed him.  His underage girlfriend was in the pickup with him.  They took her out and raped her.  They were caught, tried and sentenced in a military court to three consecutive life sentences.  I have often wondered if I would have had the presence of mind to stop them or if I would have been part of it.

However, by the Grace of God I am NOT guilty of their crimes.  That incident transformed my life.  I was TRANSFORMED BY GRACE.

It is a wonderful privilege to be part of the ministry of TBG.  We have much for which to be thankful.  There are many stories that can be told, but they all have at least one thing in common:  God’s Grace Transforms Lives.  Please prayerfully consider us at this time.  You will have many pleas for giving.  We are a ministry that depends on the giving of our Partners In Grace – our PinGs.  If you are not yet one of our PInGs, please consider becoming one by signing up on-line at our Partner with Us page.  A PinG is someone who gives regularly to the ministry.  We are also a local ministry that works right here in your backyard with families and individuals, many of whom cannot afford the professional counseling that we provide. Your giving helps greatly.

We are looking forward to our tenth year anniversary celebration that will be held on March 8, 2013. It is my prayer that you will be greatly blessed by what you hear TBG has done over these past ten years.  Stay tuned; there is more to come as we seek to serve God and His people.  Thank you for your partnership with us at TBG.

May God’s Transforming Grace touch you and your loved ones this Thanksgiving and Christmas Season.

Andrew J. Chirico, M.S.

Chairman of the Board of TBG

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