Christ’s Love Makes us TALLER – some Major Therapeutic Choices for Healing!

Our God offers healing and transformation for all who have been wounded by the sin choices of others and also ourselves. Here I have put together these Major Therapeutic Choices for healing especially from sexual (or any) abuse based on the acronym TALLER (copyright © by Sylane Mack, 2011):
1) TELL! Open up with a trusted person – counselor, wise friend, clergy, etc – and tell your truth of your experience, tell your hurt, your anger, your shame, your fear, your bewilderment.
2) ACKNOWLEDGE how ugly and evil, how sick and wrong this abuse really was. This person was horrendously, selfishly cruel to take away your innocence, twist and confuse your mind about yourself and your worth, and crush your ability to trust.
3) LET go of all the LIES that you came to believe. You are not alone, unloved or worthless. This was NOT your fault!
4) LET go of your victimhood – you are no longer the powerless child. Choose to take responsibility for getting well.
5) ENGAGE in healthy, health-bringing relationships — with friends, family, in a personal FAITH relationship – to learn how to trust again.
6) RELEASE the anger, hatred and hurt you have (and rightfully so) towards your perpetrator. Release comes through forgiveness! Forgiveness is not about denying, dismissing or down-playing the evil that came against you. Rather, forgiveness is the courageous choice to release yourself from the power of your perpetrator and the residual effects this abuse had on your life.
The CHOICE to be set free has made me stand TALLER through the unfailing love of Jesus Christ! (Even though I’m still only 5’2″!)
I am CONVINCED! Get CONVINCED!, too! Read my book – God’s story of His transforming love written in my life!

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