July 6, 2011

July 2011 Update – SPEAK UP!

SPEAK UP! by Sylane Mack

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.  – Proverbs 31:8

I recently returned from Colorado Springs where I met with several brothers and sisters in Christ who take this call to Speak Up seriously and with a deeply committed passion. Their passion is lived out through sharing the healing, hope-giving words of our Lord Jesus Christ and through sacrificial, practical, tangible, life-empowering, life-transforming actions on behalf of those who are destitute and cannot easily speak up for themselves!

So, why was I in Colorado Springs? Here’s a little background on God’s Intimate and Sovereign weaving of lives and ministries!

One year ago, two of our TBG Board Members, Francisco Batres and David Ridder – who just happen to also serve on the Board of Compassion International (CI)  – gave a copy of my book, Convinced! to the President of CI, Dr. Wess Stafford. While Wess read my book I read his, Too Small to Ignore. (You should too!) Through this God grew a deep friendship between us. We recognized in each other a shared “fellowship of suffering” as victims of abuse and a shared joy because of God’s transforming power in our lives that had called us both to Speak Up with Christ’s message of hope, healing, salvation and freedom in the lives of so many others…in so many ways! Our God is Intimate and Sovereign! We saw clear evidence of this in noting that God led us both to use the same key Scripture verse in our stories – the first one in Convinced!, the last one in Too Small to Ignore:

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. – Genesis 50:20

Through this understanding of God’s good purpose in our lives and praying through what this might mean for our ministries to somehow work together for the saving of many lives, Wess invited me out to Compassion’s Headquarters to meet with him face-to-face and with some of CI’s executives, all humble and fabulous servant-leaders whose ministry responsibilities reflect CI’s wise and well established Christ-like efforts to Speak Up on behalf of the destitute.

My husband Tim joined me (YAY!) for the meetings at CI! Here’s the WHO With and WHAT About we prayed and spoke:

  • We were first given a personal and deeply moving tour of Compassion Headquarters. So faithful to Christ’s call!

Tim Glenn, Marketing Director – USA Advocacy Director

  • Possible partnership options on the book
  • Compassion’s Child Protection policy
  • Compassion’s Speaker’s Bureau

Lunch with Wess in his office — Ahhhhh! The Love, Joy and Fellowship of the Body of Christ!

Dr. Wess Stafford and Sylane Mack

Mark Yeadon, SR VP of International Program and Lillian Gitau, Child Protection Advisor

  • Compassion’s Child Protection Policy
  • Abuse Training in Field Offices

Spence Smith, USA Artist Relations Manager

  • Discuss Compassion’s External Speakers Network

All is still in prayer…All is ALWAYS in God’s Intimate and Sovereign Hands! Pray with us and for us at CI and TBG as we seek God’s good and perfect plan…and His good and perfect timing…for whatever this may mean for us and the ministry to which we are called! We each know this is not about us…not individually, nor about the ministries of Compassion and Transformed by Grace. This is ALL about our God and God using us to Speak Up for the saving and transforming of many, many lives! All glory to our Lord Jesus Christ and His Beautiful and Holy Name! Amen and Amen!


Although the primary reason for my trip was to meet with Wess and executives at CI (Big Love to Angie Lathrop, Wess’ Executive Assistant, and to Gayle and Mary Lou on the 3rd floor!), GOD had more good plans to set up other meetings for me to Speak Up while in Colorado Springs! ‘Cuz GOD is GOD!

My first other meeting, to discuss a possible future speaking engagement, was set up with Cathy Roberts, the Director of Women’s Ministries and Equipping Ministries of Tri-Lakes Chapel, and Carol Mehl, my close friend and fellow TBG’er who now lives in The Springs and worships at TLC! Thank you, Carol, for making this connection for TBG!

The second other and all-day meeting came about this way: After reading Convinced!, Dave Legg, Director of Navigators’ Peoples’ Resources Team (the PRT serves to support, counsel and mentor the general staff of Navigators), responded to our TBG note informing ministry leaders in The Springs that I would be available to meet/minister with them while in the area. Dave responded in a big way…in God’s Big Way! I was invited to spend the day at Navigators’ Headquarters on June 23, and was joined by Carol Mehl as my TBG prayer support person that day! God is so good!

  • We first met with Dave Legg and his wife and fellow Navigator, Terry, for an intimate time of prayer and learning about Navigators’ sense that God is calling them to deal more directly with the horrors and healing of abuse.
  • At a Lunch and Learn session with the PRT and other Navigator executives and employees, I shared my testimony and why I am Convinced! of God’s power to transform even the most broken of lives through His unfailing love!
    • Dave had ordered 40 copies of Convinced!, prior to my visit – asking all of his PRT staff (17) to read it.
    • We watched the other copies go after I spoke! May God use Convinced! mightily for the personal healing and professional/spiritual training of the PRT and ALL of Navigators’ staff, their families and friends!
  • A deep Question and Answer session followed for the PRT and anyone else who wanted to participate.
  • Our time at Navigators ended as Carol and I were treated to a tour of the Glen Eyrie grounds by Terry and Carol.


I returned late on Friday, June 24 from Colorado and on Sunday, June 26 was at a photo-shoot in Baltimore, Maryland at the historic Corrollton Inn! Nicole Barber, my dear sister in Christ and fellow Board Member of Black African-American Association of Christian CounselorsBAACC (through which I serve as Assistant Chaplain), invited me to participate, to Speak Up, in the project which will help launch her foundation, Restoration Continuum. The project: Simply You 2012 Calendar will feature the photos and stories of twelve women survivors (more than conquerors!) of cancer and domestic violence. We were dressed, be-jeweled and had our make-up beautifully applied by supportive and generous business women in the Baltimore area. Angelina, Tina and Janina from the Simply Divine Boutique in Fulton, MD put me – Miss December – together. (It took all 3 of them to do it!)

FYI: A Simply You Fashion Show will be held on October 8, 2011 from 2-6 pm in Columbia, Maryland at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center. (Yep, I’m walking the runway for Jesus!) For those of you who are able, get it on your 2011 Calendar – and remember to get your own Simply You 2012 Calendar when they’re available! Details will follow in our next TBG Newsletter.


PRAY that our God will use this cyber-space connection to connect many more lives to our Lord Jesus Christ, who is our LIFE!


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I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me – the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.

Acts 20:24

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