EASTER—April 2010

The Resurrection and The Life-
Do you believe this?
Do you believe Him?
Sylane Mack

“I am the resurrection and the life.
He who believes in me will live,
even though he dies;
and whoever lives and believes in me
will never die.
Do you believe this?”
John 11:25

Do I believe this? Do you believe this?

We cannot choose to stay passive in our attitude about Jesus. He demands an answer. We have to either acknowledge the truth of who Jesus is-or we need to admit that we are actively dismissing Him.

We cannot be passive about Jesus.

There is nothing passive about the way that Jesus went about His ministry-His interaction and interruption of time, space and people’s lives.

There is nothing passive about the way that Jesus taught people God’s truths; nothing passive about the way He healed people from multiple maladies; nothing passive in His exorcism of demons or His raising the dead to life. And Jesus certainly didn’t go to his death passively. Without fighting His crucifixion, yes. But His death was actively planned for, prepared for and chosen by Him with a purpose: He alone could be the full and worthy atoning sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins by our Holy God.

Jesus Christ is the resurrection and the life. And believing this frees us completely from the bondage of sin and death-for all eternity…and right in the very midst of the lives we are living now.

Jesus is never passive. He is passionate. He is present. He has purposed to offer us His very life and the power of His resurrection. We need only to receive what Jesus us offers as we believe Him and who He says He is:

The Resurrection and The Life!

May this be the truth you believe this Easter-with the fullness of its power and the depth of its peace!


– Updates-

March 1-5-Sylane was lovingly hosted by Dave (Vice President and Dean of Bethel Seminary) and Diane Ridder as she ministered at Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul Minnesota. Sylane spoke with many different groups and individuals in a variety of venues-classes, lunches, small fellowship gatherings, conference room meetings (including with one group from nearby Northwestern College who minister to the sexually abused), in individual counseling sessions and at a Chapel Service attended by approximately 1700 people.

God led this time in full and powerful ways in the lives of many! Keep these precious ones in prayer as they continue to deepen their understanding and experience of the transforming love of our Lord Jesus Christ!

March 6-Transformed By Grace celebrated our 7th Anniversary! Keep us in prayer that we may faithfully minister to every person with whom we interact-through speaking events and private counseling-with the love, grace, truth and transforming power of  Jesus Christ!

Our BIG News! God has generously, wisely and powerfully brought on three new counselors to TBG’s Staff: Patty Arvanites, Linda Donohue and Allison Taite-Tarver! Our God truly is Jehovah Jireh-the Lord Provider! The need for counseling is great; and our God has greatly provided! We are so thankful for these fellow servants!  Please visit our website: www.transformedbygrace.org and meet ALL of our staff!

March 9 and 10-Sylane spoke with young men and their therapists in 2 different Therapeutic Group Sessions and to a Parent/Family Group Meeting over these 2 days at Mathom House, a Rehabilitation Center for Adolescent Sexual Offenders. These 3 sessions were Sylane’s 20th, 21st and 22nd time ministering with different groups connected with Mathom House since 2003. Thank you, Mighty God! Pray that these young men’s lives will be irrevocably turned around by the power of God’s forgiveness and restoration! 15 young men asked for Bibles, which Grace Point Church is helping TBG to supply to them! How beautiful is the Body of Christ when we humbly unite to honor our God and to love as Jesus loves!

March 21-Sylane’s Starbucks in Princeton, NJ graciously hosted a book sale and signing event for Convinced! A number of people from various churches where Sylane has ministered came to support her by getting their previously purchased books signed and/or to buy new ones for themselves, family or friends. Others came out of curiosity; one man because the phrase, God’s transforming love, caught his attention! May he come to know the truth of this!

Remember to join us on the 10th day of each month as we passionately PRAY for God’s life-giving, life-freeing, transforming work to be done in the lives of all with whom we minister-at conferences, counseling sessions, on corners and in coffee shops!

Upcoming Events

April 8-Lydia Austin will be speaking to a MOPS (Mothers of Pre-schoolers) group at the Pilgrim Church in Manayunk, PA at 10am. Lydia’s talk, Quacking in Harmony Challenges all moms in their uncontrollable worlds to “let go and let God” take control.  It’s ok to have your ducks out of that perfect row…it’s okay even if you don’t see any ducks in your pond (all moms can relate to this!) because God knows where they are!  And God is taking care of them! – Set your minds and keep them set on what is above, not on things that are on earth – Colossians 3:2 – Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says. – James 1:22

April 29May 1-Sylane and Teresa Warren (one of our six TBG Counselors) will attend the BAACC Summit VIII in Atlanta, Georgia. On Saturday, May 1, Sylane will present a workshop entitled, Transforming Counseling: Counselors as Vessels of God’s Freeing Truth –based on Romans 8:6 –“The mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.”

Registration for the BAACC Summit VIII can be made at www.BAACConline.net (Sylane serves as Assistant Chaplain to the Board of Advisors for BAACC.)

May 2-Sylane will be at Bridgeway Church in Alpharetta, Georgia (near Atlanta) to speak at the Sunday morning Worship Service at 9:45am and then to speak with the Adult Fellowship Group at 10:45am.

This is a special connection for Sylane as she was invited by Sherry and Clay Auwarter, who she met last year in their positions as Camp Directors for Ontario Bible Camp (where she accepted Jesus as her Savior 44 years ago!), when she spoke at the Commissioning Service for Staff and Counselors July 2009. Sherry and Clay have since moved to the Atlanta area and have lovingly acted as liasons to bring the ministry of Transformed by Grace to their new home and church! Thank You, Lord, for the strong bonds in Body of Christ!

Update on CONVINCED!


God continues to use Convinced! in powerful ways that encourage, challenge and minister  healing and freedom to those who have read it! All glory to God! Such hope for us!

You may order your copy (or several!) today via:

http://www.createspace.com/3404109 (our preferred site, Createspace, is more generous with royalties)

OR http://www.amazon.com

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