Don’t Be Stupid!

How was that for a blunt title for this blog-post devotional? Don’t Be Stupid!

Sometimes the Book of Proverbs actually makes me laugh out loud because of the extreme, cut-to-the-point, life-lessons that are put before us. Like this one:

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,

but he who hates correction is stupid.

Proverbs 12:1

It really says that? That way? Yep! And it’s even from the NIV translation—not from a paraphrased version of Scripture. Isn’t that cool?

I believe God wants us to clearly—and without a lot of room for interpretation—understand that there are consequences for our attitudes and behaviors. God wants us to understand that this all-up-in-our-face Proverb is meant to bring us life-giving, life-freeing truth.

When we love discipline—when we love to learn how we should live and act, speak and respond—we will love the knowledge and understanding it brings to our lives. And when we reject and hate the wise and godly correction that comes to us—we’re just being stupid!

And PRIDE is the root-feeding material for that kind of stupidity.

Our pride blocks us from humbly and open-mindedly accepting and learning lessons about ourselves that would actually free us and deepen us to grow in strength, wisdom and love.

We may not like the manner in which the discipline and correction comes into our lives. We may not even like (at all!) the person from whom the discipline and correction comes into our lives.

But it would be STUPID of us to NOT check our PRIDE at the door, and PRAYERFULLY ask GOD:

  • What truth-filled discipline, from His heart and mind, should we learn and accept?
  • What correction in our thinking, doing, speaking and responding needs to happen?

Learn! Grow! Accept correction that comes from the heart and mind of God—even when it comes to us in harsh ways, teaching us hard truths about ourselves!

Choose the attitude of our Lord Jesus Christ—who brings truth and freedom and power into our lives! Choose HUMILITY—and, thereby, choose wisdom!

In other words: Don’t Be Stupid!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane