April 10 and 11 and 12–TIME…What A Gift!

So often we hear someone (or myself…or maybe even you) say: “I just don’t have enough time.” OR “Time goes by so quickly.”

TIME. We know that in the grand scheme of eternity the time we each have on this earth is short. So, first! I’m just going to stop right now and thank my Lord that He has promised His children eternal life with Him! What a blessing and a hope we have in Jesus. This sure promise from our Lord gives me the courage to face the truth of the brevity of my mortal life…and it pushes me to embrace each moment that I have here on this earth as a gift.  

TIME. It isn’t about not having enough of it; for TIME is all we have.

TIME. It’s not about it going by so quickly; but rather not wasting or missing the TIME that we have been given.

Scripture tells us that:

My times are in your hands

Psalm 31:15

May we each choose to consciously recognize the gift of TIME that God offers to us and holds in His hands for us every single day of our lives. And may we each choose to hold onto God’s hand…and allow Him to guide our TIME by His love, His Spirit and His Word every single day…every single moment…in every single circumstance of our lives. What a gift of TIME that would be for ourselves and for all those with whom we interact!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane

P.S. It may be God’s sense of humor OR just my very bad relationship with cyber-space and all things technical! But! This post on “TIME” was originally written to post at the beginning of the day on April 10th! However, without boring you with my own personal cyber-space battle, every attempt to post anything over the last few days was met with a total shut down! My hero and cyber-space rescuer, Curtis Peters who is currently living in Japan with a 13 hour TIME difference, helped to get me back up and running! My TIME truly is in God’s Hands…for everything I do…and for all the TIMELY support that comes through His love and the Body of Christ! And that is certainly a gift!!