March 24–Beauty in the Busyness

Your eyes will see the king in his beauty…

Isaiah 33:17

Oh, the busyness of  full schedules…of work…of travel…of so many different responsibilities! But there is BEAUTY right in the midst of it all…all the time.

On my drive into work today—a route which takes me on two of the busiest highways between NYC and Philadelphia—I saw a long row of forsythia bushes growing along one of those crazy, busy on-ramps. The forsythia bushes were full of bright yellow buds just calling out to anyone who would notice them! “We are beautiful! We are bright! And the Beautiful King of all Creation made us for you to enjoy and to touch your heart and slow you down to see a glimpse of His beauty!”

The beauty of our King, as reflected through His Creation, is around us at all times—even in the hardest of circumstances or in the rawest of environments or in the midst of our busiest days. And one day we will see our King in the fullness of His beauty as we join Him in His eternally beautiful kingdom!

But let’s remember that until that day, it is so good for our souls to look and see His Beauty right now—right in the midst of our busyness!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane