March 23–Feed My Sheep

“Feed my sheep.”

John 21:16

Those three little words say so much to us who choose to follow Jesus.

They tell us what to do: Feed. We are to give what would bring nourishment…what would bring strength and wholeness to someone else…what would sustain and increase life. We are to feed others in the immediate…for right now…or their physical needs…and far more importantly we are to feed others for their eternal spiritual needs to be met. And those can only be fed—and fulfilled—by the love, the grace and the truth of Jesus Christ! 

And those three little words tell us who we are to feed: “My sheep”—God’s sheep—God’s people. That means all those God created, all those around us. We all are God’s sheep, and we all have gone astray in one way or another (Isaiah 53:6). And it is through the Bread of Life, our Lord Jesus Christ, giving His life to bring us eternal life and nourishment for our souls that all of us you believe are fed!

May we see all people through the loving eyes of Jesus—as His sheep. And may we feed these precious sheep with love, mercy, compassion and tangible help so that they may know and receive the fullness of life that comes the Eternal Bread of Heaven, our Lord Jesus Christ!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane