March 16, 2010

March 16–This Is The Day!

This is the day the LORD has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24

For the last five days Tim and I were in Florida with Mom and Dad Mack at Grandma’s Grove RV park where they live from early fall to early summer in a community made up almost entirely of retired, senior citizen,  snow birds.

Our normal pace slowed down considerably as we entered intimately into Mom and Dad’s world. Most of our time was spent enjoying each other as we sat and talked together, shared meals, snacks and tea together (okay, mostly strong coffee for me).

We met up with a number of their friends for their traditional Friday Fried-Fish Dinner (Tim and I chose the broiled version) at a local restaurant where they all knew the owner, chef and waitresses by name. On Saturday, after helping Mom and Dad out with chores that our younger (though still AARP card-carrying) bodies could more easily do, we joined up with their more intimate group of friends for their Saturday Game Night. 

On Sunday we worshipped together at their local church enjoying the music, the message from God’s Word and the caring community that surrounds them…and takes the time to share in each others’ joys and each others’ heart-breaks. After the service Mom, Dad, Tim and I traveled a little over an hour so that we could visit with three of our teenage nephews (their grandsons!) over lunch and ice-cream. 

Nothing that we did was out of the ordinary during those five days. But what we did was so important for our bodies and souls and our relationships with those we love so very much.

We slowed down to fully embrace this precious time with Mom and Dad…and they did with us. All of us took time to recognize the gift of each moment we had been given by our God to share with each other. We took time to give thanks for the day…for the days…that the LORD had made for us. And we rejoiced. And were glad in it…in every single one of them!!! 

And today I am rejoicing with and for Mom and Dad Mack as they celebrate 58 years of marriage—which have been made up of approximately 21,184 days, leap year days included—all given to them by the LORD! 

None of us really know how many days the LORD will give to us or to those we love. So, I pray that today we each will choose to be thankful and choose to love on someone a little better, a little more fully in this day…for this is the day the LORD has made!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane