March 10–It Is Time For All Of Us to Pay Attention!

God truly does love us. Every single one of us. With all our baggage of hurt or shame…with all our bondage of sin habits—whether they are seen or unseen by others.

The last two days I have been blessed and challenged to spend time again (my 20th–22nd visit since 2003) with different groups–two Therapeutic Groups and one Family Group–at Mathom House, the Rehabilitation Center for Adolescent Sexual Offenders in Bucks County, PA.

Having been so horrendously abused myself, it is only by the power and passion of the love of Jesus Christ—who died for all sin committed by all people—that I am able to enter into to the lives of these perpetrators of ugly sexual sins and into the lives of their families and still be absolutely CONVINCED that our God is a God of Transformation! Our God is the Lord of Salvation, Forgiveness, Eternal Life…and RENEWED MINDS and LIVES right here and now! 

BUT! We must do things God’s WAY which is the very BEST way for all of us. Period.

This is what the LORD says—

your Redemeer, the Holy One of Israel,

“I am the LORD your God,

who teaches you what is best for you,

who directs you in the way you should go.

If only you had paid attention to my commands,

your peace would have been like a river,

your righteousness like the waves of the sea.”

Isaiah 48:17-18

Our LORD loves us. He alone truly knows what is best for us—what will bring peace and righteousness to our lives…and to the lives of all those with whom we interact. It is time for all of us to pay attention!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane