March 6–Happy 7th Anniversary, Transformed By Grace!!

Happy 7th Anniversary, Transformed By Grace!!

O  LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all of the earth!!

Psalm 8:1

Wow! I cannot even begin to express my thanks and my awe for what our LORD has done in my own life and with and through the ministry of Transformed by Grace—and the amazing Ministry Team of Board Members, Counselors, Conference Speakers and Partners in Grace—of Transformed by Grace in these past seven years!  

I am simultaneously on my face in utter humility before our Sovereign God who has chosen to use us as His Ambassadors and I am dancing with joy with my Jesus—the Intimate Lord and Lover of all people!

Back in 2003—we began as a Ministry Team that included 7 hard working Board Members (Lydia Austin, Francisco Batres, Keith Brown, DeAnne Harland, Tim Mack, Chris McCloskey and Karen Secrest—with Karen also acting as a volunteer Treasurer of the Ministry Funds), and 1 Staff member–-that would be me, Sylane Mackas Conference Speaker and Counselor. 

Today we have grown to a Ministry Team which includes: 8 Board Members (Adding Andy Chirico and Dave Ridder to our original Board team, with Chris M. now in the role of advisor)—all still hard working!

We now have a Ministry Staff of: 2 Administrative AssistantsCathy Buser, our Book-keeper and DeAnne Harland, our primary Administrator (and my personal right arm!); and for a far too short period of time, we had Carol Mehl acting as Director of Ministry Advancement before she moved to Colorado; 3 Conference SpeakersLydia Austin, Rachel Mack and I; 6 Counselors–Patty Arvanites, Mindy Benjamin, Linda Donohue, Allison Taite, Teresa Warren and I—with 1 of our wonderful and wise counselors, Kristin Chace, having moved to Connecticut after counseling with TBG for 2 years.

We are so thankful and blessed to have several Partners in Grace who support us faithfully in Prayer and a few others who support us with their Financial Gifts.

Over these 7 years God has privileged and prepared us to minister to many men, women and youth in both the Counseling Ministry and through our Conference Speaking Ministry—which has taken us to several different venues in our local region of Pennsylvania and New Jersey and nationally to Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, New York, Tennessee and Washington (soon we’ll be adding Georgia and Missouri to the list!)…and internationally to Bermuda, England and Poland (hoping to add events in Scotland later this year!). 

And now with CONVINCED! published—God’s transforming love story written in my life—many people with whom we may never minister face to face have the opportunity to hear (read) of the transforming, unfailing love our Majestic LORD!

It is a joy for me to be part of the Beautiful Body of Christ as a member of the Transformed by Grace Ministry Team! It is a joy to work with these amazingly humble and powerful Brothers and Sisters in Christ as God leads us to reach out to those in the Body…to those who are not-yet-believers…and to those who are in prisons. We are called to reach out to all of people with the same message of hope: The love of our Lord Jesus Christ, His living and active Word and His ever-present, all-powerful Holy Spirit are able to save and transform every life—no matter what someone may have experienced or how far from God he or she may feel! Jesus has conquered sin and shame and death for all time! Jesus brings forgiveness and renewal and life! Amen and Amen!

 O  LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all of the earth!!

Psalm 8:1

 Thank You, Jesus! Happy 7th Anniversary, Transformed By Grace!!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane