February 23, 2010

February 23–Love Is–Part 5–Love is Not Rude, Love is Not Self-seeking

God’s love absolutely amazes me. The fact that God speaks to us in the first place is absolutely mind-boggling. But, then, to think that God speaks to us–frail, flawed and finite human beings–in respectful ways, is really beyond my grasp.

And in His love, God constantly seeks us out, even when we continually turn away. God knows that the very best thing for everyone of us is to be in a love relationship with Him. And God does–and has done–everything possible to give us the very best He has to offer. He has given us Jesus.

Love is not rude, Love is not self-seeking   I Corinthians 13:5

Love is not rude, Love is not self-seeking.

God’s loving ways and thoughts are far higher and deeper than ours.  God is the Sovereign Authority over all there is–and certainly our Superior. Yet our God speaks to us, intimately and with great respect, through His Holy Scriptures and through His Holy Spirit.

Even when God must confront us, in clear and strong ways, about our wrong behavior and tell us hard truths about ourselves–God is never rude.

Love is not rude, Love is not self-seeking.

But what about my tone? My words? My attitude? What does being bitingly sarcastic and rude have do with LOVE? Let me give you a hint: NOTHING!

Rudeness comes from an attitude of self-deluding over-importance and entitlement. We get all rude and uppity when someone dares to cut in front us–in a line, in our car, in our life–in any way. 

Our tone turns sarcastic when others in our world dare to turn their attention to things other than meeting our very important needs. (Even if we never told them what those needs of ours were in the first place!)

Love is not rude, Love is not self-seeking.

 Self-seeking attitudes and behaviors equally have NOTHING to do with LOVE!

The ego-warped thinking of: What have you done for ME lately?–OR–What will I get out of you that will be good for ME?–is a poisonous, self-centered attitude that gives birth to all kinds of relationship killing behaviors. Manipulation. Shaming. Using. Abusing. Disregarding. Disrespecting.

In this thinking, there is no seeking for the other’s very best. No seeking for the other one to know love or to feel loved.

Lust and Covetousness are the real names for the self-seeking attitude of: I want what I want, when I want it, and how I want it. There is only ME. There is no other.

Love is not rude, Love is not self-seeking.

God’s love always seeks the other out. God’s love seeks us out, even when we are only seeking for ourselves. 

God does not need us to fulfill something that He lacks. There is nothing lacking in God. But, oh, God wants us…and God wants to give us the full joy of being in an intimate love relationship with Him. God always seeks us…and seeks to give us His best.

Love is not rude, Love is not self-seeking.

May we each choose to speak in loving tones and act in attitudes of respect. May we each seek to give others our very best–as we consider what is truly best for them.


In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane