January 14–God, Remember what you said!

Remember your word to your servant,

for you have given me hope.

Psalm 119:49

There are times when we absolutely know what God’s Word says. It tells us truths about God’s unfailing love…that God is good…that God’s peace transcends all understanding…that even God’s discipline of us is not to condemn us but to free us and transform us by His love…that there is nothing impossible with God…that there is nothing in all creation that can separate us from God’s love. 

These truths we know. But sometimes the hard and heavy, confusing and crisis times of our lives can create a disconnect between our knowledge of God’s Word and our experience of God’s Word. When that disconnect happens it leaves our hearts feeling lost, lonely, pierced and pummeled.

In Scripture we are absolutely called, over and over again, to remember God’s Word for ourselves—for our peace, for our courage, for our strength, for our direction, for our victory, for our hope.

But here, this Psalmist was crying out to God, pleading with Him, to remember His Word…to remember His promises that had been made to the Psalmist. God’s Word had given him hope before. And now he needed to know…needed to experience that hope from God once again. And like a little child He went running to his Abba and cried out from his heart for God to remember! For God to  fulfill all that He had promised! The Psalmist was hurting…but He was still trusting that God is faithful to His Word.

When I am in those hard and heavy, confusing and crisis times of my life, I have learned to cry out…to pray out…and pray back to God God’s own Word:

God, You told me that You are always present with me. Remember Your Word and help me to feel You nearness! 

God, You told me that I am more than a conqueror. Remember Your Word and help me to feel your strength and victory!

God, You told me that Your peace transcends all understanding. Remember Your Word and help me to feel your strong, calming, all-embracing peace!

How loving and wise, intimate and sovereign our God is! He wants us to know His Word…and God wants us to experience the living, transforming truth of His Word. And crying out to God by praying back God’s own Word to God is a powerful way for this to happen!

So go ahead! Cry out: God, remember what you said! Because we can be sure that God always remembers His Word…whether we ask Him to or not! And asking God to remember His Word is a way for His Word to deepen in us. And that will always give us hope!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane