January 11–Step by Step byStep!

Life requires energy. To be alive, certainly, we need physical energy and strength to keep us going. 

To truly live life—to do far more than just survive—requires far more than physical energy. We need to live life with purpose. And we need to purposefully live.

We were never meant to just go from birth to death with a sense of just surviving…just making it through…letting all of our life’s energy be depleted, wasted or destroyed. 

We were created in the image of God…and we were meant to live out our lives in relationship with our God…and to purposefully live in such a purposeful way that the image and likeness of our God within us would be reflected in the fullest way possible.

How can that happen??? Step by step by step!

We need to mentally, spiritually and, yes, physically choose how we are going to spend our life’s energy…we need to choose how we are going to live each day of our life…each moment…and within each interaction and within each relationship we have. Step by step by step!

Yesterday, I wrote about Enoch. And the central focus of that Scripture keeps rolling around and around in my head:

Enoch walked with God…

Genesis 5:24

I need, and so do you, to choose to spend my (our) life’s energy purposefully walking in intimate relationship with God! God wants to walk with us. God wants to love us and lead us and use us to bless the lives of others. Step by step by step!

I need, and so do you, to choose to pray to seek God’s heart and will. I need, and so do you, to choose to take time and energy to purposefully ask God to give me (us) His wisdom, His perspective, His hope, His purpose and His love for every single day…and every single moment that I breathe on this earth. I need, and so do you, to purposefully choose to walk with our God. Step by step by step!

And I need, and you so do you, to choose to be thankful that our God passionately wants to walk with us!

Think about it: The Almighty Sovereign LORD of all creation wants to spend His energy and time walking with us wee little people…walking with every single one of us…every single day…every single moment! Step by step by step!  

God is our life-giver. And it is our God who gives us the energy to truly live life as we choose to walk with Him! Step by step by step!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane