January 5–Naked with No Shame! Marriage God’s Way!

God had made male and female in His image…and He had made them for each other.  They were made to be one, united in body, soul, mind and purpose.

…they will become one flesh.

The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.

Genesis 2:24-25

God had made such beauty and unity…God had created such a perfect balance of strengths and form when He made man and woman and purposed them to be joined together as husband and wife. Joined in every intimate way possible for a man and a woman to be joined.

And there they were in the Garden. And they were naked. And they were completely without any shame.

Sin rips everything apart. And between our own bent towards sinning as (prideful, selfish) human beings and the evil one’s goal to destroy all that is good and loving—husbands and wives have their work cut out for them in order to have a good and loving marriage.

So, there they were—Adam and Eve, naked and unashamed. There was nothing hidden. Not a bad habit. Not a bad check. Nothing was hidden—literally or figuratively. They were naked with each other—uncovered and vulnerable. Yet there was no shame…there was no worry. Because they were one.

They were joined together without anyone or anything—not children, not in-laws, not jobs, not grudges, etc—getting in the way of them being truly joined together as one.

As husbands and wives each intentionally choose to live out their unity with their spouse in loving, unhidden and naked ways—not only will there be no shame, but instead they will share an intimate love and great joy in the unity, safety and supportive relationship they have with each other. Physically, mentally and spiritually—unified in love!

Naked with No Shame! That’s a marriage done God’s way!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane