January 1st 2010–In the Beginning…

In the beginning God…

Genesis 1:1

Today is January 1st 2010! (Or 01-01-10! Which is really kind of fun to write…and say!)

It’s a new decade. A new year. A new day. A new beginning.

And the thought…the biblical truth…keeps running through my head over and over again—persistently and passionately from the heart of my LORD:

In the beginning God…Seek God first. Listen to God first. Love God first. Trust God first. Obey God first. 

In the beginning God…right in the beginning of every day and every moment of life I have been given…right in the beginning of everything I do…right in the beginning of every place I go…right in the beginning of every decision I make…right in the beginning of every interaction I have with every other person.

Seeking God in the beginning of each new day and in the beginning of each new action and each new interaction—will give each of us a deeper awareness of the gift of life we have been given…and a clearer direction for how we should live our lives in the loving care and righteous will of our Holy God. 

May this be a deeply Blessed and very Happy New Year for each of you!

In the beginning God…always and forever.

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane