November 28–The LORD’s Questions…

Through the prophet Isaiah, The LORD asks us some questions about our response to Him…and our thoughts about Him:

When I came, why was there no one?

When I called, why was there no one to answer?

Was my arm too short to ransom you?

Do I lack strength to rescue you?

Isaiah 50:2

Too often our understanding of the LORD and who He is and how much He loves us become completely scewed by our own limited thinking and self-focused perspectives. We can become discouraged, extremely self-serving, resentful, angry—and even turn our backs completely on the LORD—because God does not seem to be there when we need Him. God does not seem to answer us when we call out to Him—or at least not in the way that we think He should answer us. Our inability and our unwillingness to trust how loving and true, great and faithful, present and strong our LORD truly is, keeps us locked in a  place of doubt and prideful self-reliance—which ultimately is a horribly destructive place to be. For ourselves and every relationship we have.

Our LORD comes to us…constantly, continually…coming to us in His passionate, life giving, life healing, love-hope-peace-purpose-joy bringing ways. Will we be there when He comes to us? Will we recognize that our LORD is intimately here with us NOW?

Our LORD calls to us…constantly, continually…calling out to us in His passionate, life giving, life healing, love-hope-peace-purpose-joy bringing ways. Will we let ourselves hear His voice? Will we answer our LORD? Will we listen to His loving heart for us? Will we let His pure love, grace and truth speak into our lives?

Our LORD ransoms us with His loving, unfailing arm of power—with love and power beyond what we can ever imagine. Yet the cost of that ransom for the forgiveness of our sins and the gift of our eternal life cost Jesus Christ His life through stretching out His almighty arms of power in utter and complete humility and sacrifice as they were nailed to the cross.

Our LORD has the strength to rescue us in each of our present moments and for all eternity. Our LORD is able to rescue us…forgive us…heal us…help us…transform us…renew us…rebuild us…refresh us…in all circumstances—in all ways. Will we trust Him? Will we humble ourselves and let God be God in our lives–instead of us? Oh! How good that would be for each of us—for our minds, hearts, relationships…for our very souls.

May each of us choose to invite the LORD’s presence fully into our lives. God is here…God knows we need His loving presence desperately in our lives.

May each of us choose to answer the LORD as He calls out to us. God wants to talk with us…God wants us to listen.

May each of us choose to be embraced by the LORD’s loving arms that has paid the full price for our ransom. God wants to hold us with the love that held Him on the cross.

May each of us choose to let the LORD’s strength rescue us from everything, including ourselves, that would distort and destroy our trusting in His perfect love and unfailing strength for our lives. God wants us to intimately know His strength—which alone can carry us through this life and carry us into eternity with Him.

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane