October 26–Stop at His Feet and Rest in His Arms

My soul finds rest in God alone…Psalm 62:1

My soul — my mind, my whole body — truly finds my true rest only in God.

Everything is put into perspective — all circumstances…all relationships…all responsibilities…all deadlines — only in my God. God’s love, God’s grace and truth, God’s peace and God’s eternal perspective quiet my soul, and give me rest, even in the midst of my busiest or most frustrating or saddest times.

I just have to let God give me that rest. I have to choose to turn from my rushing or my worries or my very limited perspective and STOP! STOP at the feet of my Abba. STOP and REST in the arms of my Abba. And there, I breathe much more deeply, I think much more clearly and I live much more fully!

Thanks be to God for His resting place! Thank You, God, for the loving ones — my precious ones — that You have put in my life to always remind me to rest my soul in You! (And do it now!)

May each of us allow our Abba to give our souls, minds and bodies His restoring and refreshing love as we STOP at His feet and REST in His arms.

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane