September 8–Broken Open! Break Through!

One who breaks open the way will go up before them; they will break through the gate and go out. Their king will pass through before them, the LORD at their head. Micah 2:13

I love this! The One…the King…the LORD…the Messiah…our God…Jesus Christ…breaks open the way so that we will break through and go out!

Our Mighty God has broken open for us the most destructive, life-threatening barrier that keeps us from knowing true peace and eternal life. Our Lord Jesus has broken open the gates of captivity and condemnation—the very gates of hell—whose doors, that close us in, are named: sin and death.

Jesus Christ through His death for our sins and His resurrection for our lives has broken open these gates for us. And sin and death has been conquered. For all eternity.

Now, it is our choice. Will we accept this life-giving, life-forgiving, life-transforming truth and follow Jesus as the King who goes before us, as the Head over all of our life? Will we choose to accept the freedom and the power our LORD gives us so that we, too, may break through the gate and go out?

C.S. Lewis once wrote that, “The gates of hell are locked from the inside.”  It is up to us to choose to trust that Jesus Christ has fully broken open these gates…and, then, to choose to break through the lies and the hurts, the sin and the shame, the fear and the pride that keep us locked inside our own hell. 

Victory and freedom, life and peace have already been fully, completely provided, and opened to us, by the One…the King…the LORD…the Messiah…our God…Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ has broken open the way! Now, by His power and love, grace and truth, break through, go out and follow!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane