September 2–Persevere, Darlin’s, God’s Not Done With Any Of Us Yet!

Perseverance must finish the work so that you may be mature and complete not lacking in anything. James 1:2

I am not fully mature…nor complete…as of this moment in time! God’s just not done with me yet. And if you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure that God’s probably not done with you yet either!

We know that we are to consider it pure joy as we grow in perseverance in the midst of our many life trials. We also need to embrace that that the work of perseverance is to grow us more and more in character and attitude to our Lord Jesus Christ. This is maturity…this is completeness.

Faithful, trusting perseverance of our Lord Jesus is a life-long process…a life-long work…a life-long deepening and maturing…growing more and more complete. Growing more and more like Jesus. Again, God’s just not done with me yet.

And, YES, there is hard work—hard persevering work to be done to become mature and complete. Some of the hardest work has to be done by allowing our Lord to do some significant work-zone clean-up activity…on a continual basis…in our own hearts and minds.

And, YES, I know that in Jesus we find our fullest life purpose—being in relationship with our God, loving and serving others. In Jesus we find lasting joy, lasting, intimate connections with our God, with others and with living this life we have been lovingly given by our Creator!

And these are all worth persevering for…no matter what our life circumstances or trials may be…no matter what our maturity level or completeness measure may be. We can be sure that our Lord Jesus will grow us, fill us and overflow us with His love, wisdom, grace, truth and power so that we will not be lacking in anything. So that we will be made more and more like Jesus—mature and complete in the love of our Lord!

This is the finished work that faithful perseverance will accomplish in us…and that we’ll see so clearly in the full presence of our Lord!

Persevere, Darlin’s, God’s not done with any of us yet!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane