August 21–Words That Weary God

I don’t often think of God getting weary. But He does…of our sins…and of our words that don’t line up with His truth.

God is NEVER weakened by anything. But God does get tired of us continuing in our self-focused, prideful ways and creating God in our own image! Rather than accepting God’s revelation of Himself as the truth.

You have wearied the LORD with your words.

“How have we wearied him?” you ask.

By saying, “All who do evil are good in the eyes of the LORD,

and he is pleased with them”


“Where is the God of justice?”

Neither of these thinking patterns line up with God’s truth. And not only do they weary God, but they are eternally, deadly lies for us.

Evil is NEVER good in the eyes of the LORD. Yes, God is loving and merciful. But sin is sin and it is deadly and destructive. God is NEVER pleased with sin…nor with an unrepentant sinner that has somehow bought into the lie: that because God is so loving, kind and forgiving there can not possibly be any eternal judgment against sin…and the lie: that God is too loving to have anyone go to hell. This thinking, this lie, leads to the absolute denial of the necessity for Jesus Christ to die on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and for us to receive the gift of eternal life with God. 

God’s truth: God loves us so much, beyond what we can even begin to imagine, that God gave His Holy Son Jesus take the death punishment we deserved for our sins. God’s Truth: this outrageous, passionate, sacrificial love of God is the true measure of His love us—not excusing or pretending that the evil of sin is not deadly and destructive to every single one of us.

Questioning God’s justice—which is His very nature—is questioning God’s sovereignty, God’s power and God’s goodness. The lie: If God were just then…evil wouldn’t happen in this world…evil and greedy people wouldn’t seem to win so much of the time…evil wouldn’t be done to hurt or kill the innocent…children wouldn’t get sick and die…there would be no tragedies…there would be no suffering if God were really just, sovereign, powerful and good. This lie denies the responsibility of the people who choose to hurt others spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially. This lie denies that we are living in a world that itself bears the brokenness caused by our sin—and in this broken world, accidents do happen, innocents are hurt and killed, sickness and tragedies come.

God’s truth: God is just, sovereign, powerful and good. God sees all and knows all—and rightly judges all circumstances, people and our motives. God’s truth: God is always in control…even as we live in a world that often seems out of control because of the pain we people cause each other. God’s truth: God has an eternal perspective and an eternal purpose that is always just even if we cannot see it or understand it while on this side of heaven.  God’s truth: God has never left us alone. Even in our deepest hurt or most shocking tragedy…God is with us. God’s truth: God has always invited us into His love, into His care, into following His just and loving ways. God has empowered us with the freedom of choice over our own actions so that we may reveal and live out God’s just, loving, right and good ways. 

Let’s each choose to get to know God’s Word of Truth…instead of wearying God with our own words!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane