August 8–It is…but it isn’t…But IT IS!


How majestic is your name in all of the earth! Psalm 8:1

These words start me singing (and dancing a little bit!) to the praise song tune that these Scripture words have been put to! They’re upbeat! They’re joyful and worshipful! They’re faith-filled! These words enthusiastically pronounce that: It is true! The LORD’s name is majestic in all of the earth!

But it isn’t true. Not really. Not in our get-down-to the-nitty-gritty ways that I live…or you live…or most of us live our lives. Even we who proclaim the LORD as our God—as our King, as our Heavenly Father—don’t always live (maybe hardly ever) as if the LORD’s name truly is majestic in all of the earth.

But! IT IS TRUE! God doesn’t change. So neither my worst nor my best moods and behaviors change the truth that the LORD’s name is majestic.

The LORD’s majestic name cannot be changed–not in the eternal realm. Not ever. Not by the kindest, most compassionate, loving act of people towards others nor by the brokenness of bodies and relationships, evil, hate, crime and war. None of these change the truth that the LORD’s name–the LORD Himself–is forever majestic!

IT IS TRUE! Our LORD–our LORD’s Name–is Majestic! And God doesn’t change…but living in this truth will certainly change us!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane