July 14–God’s Just Rule and Chocolate Croissants!

Happy Bastille Day! C’est le quatorze juillet. (It’s the 14th of July!) One of the major national holidays of France.

It may not make a bit of difference in your life. And that’s okay. I, personally, plan to start my day of celebration with some good strong French-pressed coffee and at least one pain au chocolat (aka: chocolate croissant). We had lived in France for two years, and I feel it’s only right that I should join in the celebration! Actually, it’s really that I’ll take any excuse to drink great coffee and eat bread filled with chocolate!

On the more historically relevant and serious side, Bastille Day—as is our own Independence Day—a time when we recognize and honor the courageous people who were willing to turn their countries upside-down, and sacrifice their own lives, in order to turn the rule of justice upside-right. These days are celebrated with songs, parades and all kinds of fan-fare.

We people still don’t have the whole ruling-justly-thing down perfectly. 

But our God does! And God’s just rule guides us in holy and righteous ways! And this is something for all of us—all peoples of every nation—to celebrate and sing about!

May the peoples praise You, O God; may all the peoples praise You.

May all nations be glad and sing for joy,

for You rule the peoples justly

and guide the nations of the earth!

Psalm 67:3-4

Thank God with me for His just rule and guidance available to us now as individuals—and as whole nations! And thank God with me that we will know God’s just rule and guidance in its fullness as we join our God in His Eternal Kingdom!

Be glad and sing for joy…and maybe even eat a chocolate croissant or two just to add to the celebration!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane