July 15–Covenant of Love

At the dedication of the temple in Jerusalem, King Solomon took time to acknowledge God and His faithfulness to those who choose to serve the LORD wholeheartedly.

“O LORD, God of Israel, there is no God like You in heaven or on earth

—You who keep Your covenant of love with Your servants who continue wholeheartedly in Your way.”

2 Chronicles 6:14

I love that phrase about God—“…You keep Your covenant of love…”


We are given a promise of love. More than that. This is a holy assurance of faithful love from the Eternal, Sovereign LORD of all creation—and He gives it to us.

I repeat: Wow.

God’s covenant of love is a certain thing. God doesn’t change. And His love for us, with a passion and a faithfulness that knows no bounds, does not change either.

But we do.

We turn away from our loving God—way too often—to go our own way instead of continuing wholeheartedly in following God’s way.

Oh, choices! Oh, decisions!

Next time you have to make a decision about what you think, say and do (and that would be several hundred times each day!): 

  • Stop first.
  • Think about IF your decision will…
    •  take you farther away from knowing and sensing the LORD’s faithful covenant of love made to you. 


    • keep you choosing God’s way—which has been formed by and filled with God’s faithful covenant of love made to you.

This decision should be a no-brainer, right? Yeah. Should be.

But I know, at least for me, I can, and too often still do, choose to turn my brain off—or rather, I choose to turn my brain off from listening to God about following in HIS way. 

‘Cuz sometimes I just want to go my way! I’m listening to me instead of God! And right then, I just might be feeling selfish, self-pitying, prideful, judgmental or just plain grumpy. Oh, Yeah. Uh-Huh!  So, I just shut my brain off from listening to God. That would be called: Ignoring God! And trust me, when I do that: It just isn’t pretty.

I need to always invite God—and you can, too—to shout out His way even more passionately—even more loudly than all the other voices going on in our heads—for the next time we have to make any kind of a decision about what we think, say and do. (Count down starts now! We shouldn’t have too long to wait!)

Let’s choose to listen to God’s voice as He speaks to us through His Word and His Spirit!

Let’s enjoy our LORD’s faithful covenant of love made to us as we continue wholeheartedly (or turn around quickly) to go in His way!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane