February 2009—A Ministry Update

February 2009

…into His likeness with ever-increasing glory…2 Corinthians 3:18

Here we are at the end of the first two months of 2009!
Join us in thanking God for how He allowed us to
minister in His name and through His love! And thank
you, too, our Partners in Grace, who support us with
prayers and donations!
This is your Ambassadorship and Ministry, too!

So, What’s Been Going On? So Much!

Since January 1st www.theTBloG.org has been
actively ministering in cyber-space!

On it is A Time for Grace and Truth, daily devotions
with personal reflections written by Sylane. God has
been using the TBloG in some ways we know…and in
other ways we may never know! Here’s a portion of an
email that came in from one of TBG PinGs and faithful
blog readers that greatly encouraged us:

Oh! God’s loving, transforming grace and the work
done through the Body of Christ—are so beautiful!
Thank you, Linda for sharing this!
Here’s an excerpt from the January 15 post of
theTBloG where I wrote that list:

What are some of God’s truths that killed the powerful
vice-grip of lies holding my head? What are some of
God’s truths that I had to intentionally choose to
believe are more powerful than the loud and twisted lies
that were squeezing the life out of my mind and spirit?
Glad you asked!

The Biggies:
God loves me.
God loves me so much more than my parents ever could
(or anyone else, for that matter).
God’s love drives out all fear.
Jesus died for my sins AND my shame.
I’m going to live forever.
God knows me intimately.
God understands me completely.
God is my protector and defender.
God is my hope. God speaks.
God wants me to listen.
There is peace and joy in obeying God.
I am never, ever alone.
I am never without help.
I am filled with the Spirit of the Living God.
Through the love of Jesus I am more than a conqueror.
Nothing will ever separate me from God’s love.

You may read the full post for that day at:

Speaking Events Completed:

• January 6 and 7 at Mathom House—Sylane
Mack met with 3 separate therapy groups of
adolescent men (sexual perpetrators) to share her
story and the forgiveness and transformation that
Jesus offers to all who believe.