June 17–What’cha Watchin’ for?

O my Strength, I watch for You;

You, O God, are my fortress, my loving God. 

Psalm 59:9-10

 What are you watching for? What are you looking for? An easier day? A promotion? A vacation? An encouragement? An achievement? An award? A quick answer? A plan that comes together? A cure? A new relationship? A healed–renewed relationship?  An easier time with a cantankerous family member, boss, co-worker or neighbor? An easier life? All of the above?

What we watch for depends on where our eyes are focused—physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally and spiritually. And what we watch for reflects what we expect to see and experience. 

God’s Word tells us—and His Spirit confirms it: we can watch for and expect to see and experience the Strength and Love of God as our protective, enduring, non-destructible Fortress! 

God doesn’t change—so we should know what to watch for and expect. God  is our Strength. He is our Fortress. He is our Loving God! What’cha watchin’ for?

 In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane