June 1–SHOUT!–Part 1-Psalm 100

What makes you shout? Your kids? Your spouse? Your job? Watching your favorite team blow the game? Driving with those idiots people on the road?

Most of us probably need to change up the things that make us shout! We need to get focused on shouting about–and shouting in the way–our LORD wants us to SHOUT!

Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth. Psalm 100:1

We so quickly (and repeatedly!) think about the things and people that make us angry, frustrated, sad and hurt. We need to get over ourselves!

Because the LORD is good and loves us with an unimaginable, eternal love. Our LORD offers us a life of peace, strength, courage and hope–right now on this side of Heaven–when we trust Him with our lives and choose to love and obey Him.

Our LORD is the Almighty God! Our LORD is the Eternal God of all of life! Our LORD is the Holy One over all of creation!

We are here, we breathe, we live only because of the love, the life-breath and the provisions given to us by our LORD!

Choose to think about the wonders of life–and all that we have been given! Choose to think about everyone and everything for which we need to be thankful!

Choose to think about our LORD’s ultimate sacrifice of His Son Jesus to forgive our sins! Choose to think about our LORD’s boundless power through the resurrection of Jesus that promises eternal life to all who believe!

Choose to think about who our LORD is! Choose to think about who we are in Him–holy and dearly loved children, co-heirs with Jesus Christ!

As we think about our LORD’s love, kindness, mercy, grace and outrageous generosity to us, we should each be filled with wonder, with awe, with thankfulness and with JOY!

Giving thanks to our LORD is a way for us to LOVE our Abba–our Eternal God!

S0! Go ahead! SHOUT for JOY to the LORD! 

It will do us all–our hearts, our souls, our minds and our bodies–and probably everyone else around us–a whole lot of good!

That’s something to SHOUT about! THANK YOU, LORD!

 In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane