May 20–Choosing Quietness, Knowing God

Okay! I’m on a bit of a quietness kick. And I’m going to stay here for awhile! I have been labeled as a force of nature by some. (Hey, I’m okay with that! I hear I’m in good company as this term was used to describe Walt Disney!)

Even as a force of nature, I crave to be quiet and alone with my Lord Jesus.

So, yes, I am on a quietness kick because I know that, for me, purposefully taking time, choosing to be quiet–consciously and intentionally quiet–is so healing. So refreshing. So powerful. (So! Deal with it, okay?)

A lot of noise comes at us from our high-tech world of constant and instantaneous contact–tv, phones–of all types and functions, radio, ipods, cyber-space (oh, my gosh!) and–yep, even from blogs.

A lot of noise comes from our rushing and on-the-go world–cars, trucks, subways, taxis, buses, trains, planes. And all those sirens. (No, Toto, I don’t live in Kansas. I live in Princeton–between New York City and Philadelphia.)

A lot of noise comes from other people. Don’t need to say much more about that.

But much of the noise being made comes from us–as we interact and converse with others in real time. 

And much more of our noise comes from all our imagined–and really noisy–interactions, conversations, rebuttals, worries, full blown stage and screen productions, color commentary and play-by-play interpretations that are perpetually going on, really loudly, inside our heads.

So, shhhhhhhhhhhh…let’s, for just a few moments, choose to be quiet.

Everything and everyone with whom we want to (or maybe don’t want to) interact will still be there in a few moments. So, shhhhhhhhhhhh…

God tells us:

Be still, and know that I Am God–Psalm 46:10

Really. Be still. Be silent. Be strengthened. Be healed. Be refreshed. Be Quiet.

Recognize–and Know–God’s presence. God is with us. We need to take time to really live this truth. We need to take time to be quiet.

Know God’s unfailing love. God’s love fills our souls’ greatest need and answers our hearts’ deepest cry. God’s love enables us to love in ways that are outrageous, unexpected, pure and purposeful. God is love. Know God.

Know God’s unlimited power. God is the Mighty God, Maker of Heaven and Earth, the Sovereign One for whom nothing is impossible! God’s power enables us to do immeasureably more than we could ever ask or imagine. God’s power enables us to completely conquer every hardship, obstacle and lie (about who we are in Christ) that comes our way. Know God.

Know God’s transcending, inexplicable peace. God is the Prince of Peace and with His peace, which transcends all understanding, our God will guard our hearts and minds–no matter what our circumstances are. Know God.

Know God’s transforming grace that changes our mourning into joy, our bondage into freedom, our hate into love, our cruelest injustice into unconditional forgiveness, our deepest shame into untarnished purity, our weakness into strength, our death into resurrected lives. Know God.

So, shhhhhhhhhhhhh…Take a deep breath.

Choose to Be Quiet. Choose to Know God.

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane