May 23–Living the truth of the 23rd Psalm–Part 2

Day 2 of reading through the 23rd Psalm–a few verses at a time–and asking the LORD to show me (us!) what living the truth of His Word via the 23rd Psalm means each day. Whether it is a day of sadness, surprises or celebration. 

The LORD guides me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Psalm 23:3b

This simple verse has so much meaning–so much truth, power and soul-refreshing intimacy and purpose. Let’s do the rap-thinng: Break it down!

Who: The LORD–our Shepherd –The LORD, the Holy One,  the Creator of heaven and earth–Creator of all that is seen and unseen–the Great One–(Think about Him! Wow!) enters into our world. The LORD who is beyond our full grasp of understanding, reaches out to us to intervene in our lives–our mortal, needy, frail, flawed and finite lives. And the LORD–our Shepherd comes to us with His unlimited, unfailing love!

What: guides me–How extravagantly intimate can the Holy One, the Sovereign LORD–our Shepherd–get with me–with us!! Our Shepherd walks with me–walks with us. Lives with me–lives with us. Our Shepherd desires to lead us, teach us, nuture us, guide us.

If I would take more time to think about WHO is actually guiding me–instead of asserting my independence (aka willfulness and stubborness) to determine my own direction–I should immediately respond with awe, humility and unending thankfulness.

If I would take more time to think about WHO is actually guiding me–I should continually seek the LORD–my Shepherd–to guide me every single day. Every single moment. With every single breath.

Where: in paths of righteousness–Our LORD–our Shepherd guides us (and passionately invites us, but does not force us) to walk on–live on–His holy ground–on His paths of righteousness. Yet too often I (we) choose to go our own way–and it isn’t pretty. On my own me-centered path–I am ego-focused–and, then, I lose my focus. I lose my way.

It is when I (we) choose to walk with our LORD on His paths of righteousness that we will receive the fullness of our LORD’s gifts of life, love, grace, truth, peace and purpose.

Why: for His name’s sake–Our LORD–our Shepherd–purposes for me–purposes for each of us–to know who He is–who He really is! Our LORD–our Shepherd purposes to reveal Himself and His love, His sovereignty, His power, His salvation, His intimacy to the world. To each precious individual ever born to this world.

And our LORD–our Shepherd–chooses to use us–as we choose to walk on His paths of righteousness–to reveal Himself to others.

What an amazing, humbling, outrageous intimacy we have been given by our LORD–our Shepherd who guides us!

What an amazing, humbling, outrageous purpose we have been given by our LORD–our Shepherd–to share His life-guiding, life-transforming love, grace, truth, righteousness, intimacy and purpose with others in our world!

Read, again, today’s verse:

The LORD guides me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Psalm 23:3b

Let’s take a walk on the Righteous Side with our LORD–our Shepherd!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane