May 17–Love Must Be Sincere Love! Duh!

Love must be sincere. Romans 12:9

I love God’s Word. It reveals grace. It speaks truth.

But, I have to admit–and I may sound a little irreverent–but when I read this Scripture verse: “Love must be sincere,” my initial reaction is: Well, Duh! Of course, Love must be sincere! Isn’t that obvious? Duh!

Okay, that’s my first reaction. Then, I stopped to think and asked myself: How differently would I love if I always chose to think about loving in absolute sincerity? Loving purely?

How differently would I love if I invited God to help me love others in His full and perfect way? What would this mean? What would that kind of love be like?

It would be pretty darn radical, extravagant, and seem fairly crazy at times.

Loving another would not be conditional on anyone meeting a certain standard of behavior or following certain values in order for me to fully, sincerely love them.

Now this is not about approving of behaviors and values that do not line up with God’s holy and righteous statutes, commands and precepts.

This is about loving another person sincerely–God’s way. In spite of the choices he/she makes or the life-styles he/she lives. And through God’s strength, loving each person sincerely, as Jesus loves us, so that we require-demand nothing from the other person to be deemed worthy of our love.

Loving another would not be dependent on them loving me first or loving me back or loving me according to my expectations, demands and desires.

Now this is not about foolishly setting myself (ourselves) up to be hurt or staying in destructive, abusive relationships.

This is about loving another person sincerely–God’s way. In spite of how we may have been disappointed, rejected, abused or hatefully treated. This is about acknowledging the truth that God alone is able to give us the perfect, unfailing love that our souls desperately craves. In this God-truth, we can love sincerely–being compassionate to the failings of others, forgiving everything from their thoughtlessness towards us to the ugliest, cruelest of sins done against us. Because that is exactly what the sincere love of Jesus does for us–and empowers us to do for others.

Loving sincerely would mean that I send out no hidden messages. I would love with no falsehood at any level, at anytime.

This does not mean tell all, reveal all–to all. 

This is about sincerity and truth. And loving in purity. With no hook. No hiding. No pride. No prejudice.

So, maybe: “Love must be sincere” is not such a Duh! kind of statement after all. But rather a high calling, a Jesus-like way to love another person that can only be done as we allow our God–who is LOVE–to transform our thinking, our actions, our all.

To love as God calls us to love: “Love must be sincere,” we must be fully dependent on God’s powerful, faithful, forgiving, unchanging, unconditional, extravagant love. Now that statement deserves a Duh!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane