May 16–Be Prepared! Bubbles, Wand and All!

Prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hopes fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. 1 Peter 1:13

Be Prepared! The familiar Boy Scout Motto. It’s a good thing to Be Prepared!

Yesterday, I thought I was prepared. I wasn’t. Not anything big or tragic happened, but I wasn’t fully prepared.

An unexpected circumstance required that I be prepared with great patience in order to stay fully chill in the reality that some many things can not be foreseen or controlled.

Traffic is one of those things that cannot be controlled. Especially on the way to the Newark Airport on Route 1 and the NJTurnpike–driving through the armpit area of NJ. (Many parts of NJ REALLY are beautiful! Just not there. No how. No way.) 

Be prepared! For Traffic. Jams. Delays. Accidents. Yesterday the highway became a parking lot. I know this can happen. I thought I was prepared for just this sort of thing! You see, I always keep a bottle of blow bubbles in the car with me. Just so that I would be prepared!

Blowing bubbles out my car window during those traffic-jam times of life (literal or figurative) can be very therapeutic and just plain fun. I started the bubbles-stash-in-the-car thing during our Southern California days–of outrageously heavy traffic jams–when Erin and Julia were only 4 and 2 years old. This kept the girls happy and, therefore, mama was happy. We all had our own bottles of bubbles. No road rage from us. No sir.

And the people in the parking lot traffic jam with us also had fabulous, free bubbly entertainment as we blew our bubbles out the car windows, setting them free to dance around the air and bounce lightly on the cars nearest us. 

The three of us would laugh ourselves silly. And we would watch others around us as their faces–filled with the stress of yet another Southern California traffic jam–would, first, relax a bit…then, curl into a smile…and then, burst out into a chuckle. Now that was being prepared

So! Yesterday, when I realized that my trip to the Newark Airport was going to be majorly delayed, instead of going into a jaw-lock of tension across my face, I reached for my trusty–better than valium–calming bubble bottle! I was so proud of myself for how prepared I was!  

But I wasn’t. Oh, my bubble bottle was there. Even filled with bubble-blowing-liquid. But! There was no bubble-blowing-wand inside! (Don’t ask! I don’t know where it could have gone–or whose twisted little mind might have thought it funny to steal my bubble-blowing-wand! Arrrrghhhhh! Unbelievable!)

Yes, I thought I was prepared to deal with one of life’s unexpected-expected-circumstances–like this traffic jam on the way to the Newark Airport. But I really wasn’t. I had just taken it for granted that my resources (bubbles and bubble-blowing-wand) would be always ready and available to me.

God’s Word in this Scripture passage tells us to be prepared in our minds for action. This doesn’t mean that we should be worrying about things that may never happen. Rather, we are to let God take greater and greater control of our thinking, reacting and responding to every circumstance of our life.

Just as the bubbles need a wand to form and shape them–and prepare them for flight. So is God’s Love, God’s Word and God’s Spirit the preparer of our minds for action.

We need to choose God’s loving, transforming power over our minds so that those unexpected-expected-circumstances in life won’t blow us away.

We need to choose God’s loving, transforming power over our minds so that during those unexpected-expected-circumstances in life we will rise to meet them–being well-prepared for Christ-like action, guided by godly self-control and filled with hope in God’s eternal promises.

Be Prepared! God’s loving, transforming power is always available to us!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane