April 7–When Words Are Many…Watch Out!

Communicating through words is such a fabulous gift!

But, oh! Like everything else we must use this gift wisely! Our words, if not guarded by God’s grace and truth, can twist reality in outrageous ways, or send a cutting blow to both our adversaries and loved ones.

When words are many sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise.

Proverbs 10:19

When words are many, they can just be too many! And we need to: Watch Out!

I have never been viewed as a person of few words. I probably never will be.

However, I do pray that God will continually and vigorously (that’s how I need God to do it!) rule my head, my heart and my mouth so that my words–whether few or many–will be words that are wise, motivated from love and balanced with the grace and truth of our Lord Jesus.

That’s what I want. That’s not always what I let happen.

I need God’s strong and pure Spirit to direct and limit my words so that I do not exaggerate and/or “spin” the telling of anything that would not match with the way Jesus would tell it. 

Otherwise, that would be telling lies. Watch Out!

I need God’s strong and sovereign Spirit to direct and stop my words so that I do not keep talking and talking–thinking that if I say just enough words to someone they will get it…get me…or get my point…and do things my way!

I need to always remember that no one has to do anything my way. It is about me doing things according to God’s Way. And trusting God to speak into the heart and life of the other person…in God’s time and in God’s Way.

And all my talking in the world does NOT make me anyone’s Holy Spirit! Watch Out!

I need God’s strong and loving Spirit to direct and form my words so that I speak words that are as full of the grace of Christ as they are full of the truth of Christ. Even when I am called to speak hard truths into someone’s life, I need to be doing this only out of a grace-filled, sincere and compassionate love for them–that comes only from Jesus.

Otherwise, this truth-telling would be self-serving (coming from frustration, hurt, anger, pride–or any other sin of choice) rather than from a servant’s heart, and mouth, of love. Watch Out!

So, although, I probably will never be known as a person of few words. I do want my Lord to grow me, more and more, so that I will be a vessel of God’s Words and obedient to God’s Way of speaking those words. At all times. With all people.

And if I can’t/won’t do that, may God help me to choose, once again, what I call the Wisdom of Silence

This is God’s ultimate, loving, Watch Out! weapon to protect all of us–speakers and listeners alike–from too many words.

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane