January 18–Ready. Set. Go!

Have you ever seen a little girl or boy run, dance, gallop or skip full force into the arms of her or his mommy or daddy? Seeing that child’s freedom and confidence in the love of the parents is such a wonderful and joyful thing to witness.

But, wonderful  and joyful beyond compare–or comprehension–is that we may approach our Heavenly Father with even more freedom and confidence!

Because of all that Jesus has done for us–His death, His resurrection, His LOVE and FORGIVENESS–we are fully restored to a right relationship with our God. So let’s all run full force into the arms and into the presence of our Eternally Loving, Sovereign and Intimate Father God! Our Abba.

Ready. Set. Go!

In Christ and through Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence–Ephesians 3:12