February 23–Love is…–part 9–Love Rejoices with The Truth

Oh! The dance of Love and Truth is inseparable and beautiful. Their partnership is one of unstoppable power. Their relationship is one of indescrible intimacy and perfect unity. 

And this is something to seriously celebrate!

Love rejoices with the truth.   I Corinthians 13:6

Personal Reflections from Sylane:                                                                           God’s Love and God’s Truth are eternally bound–eternally One. As is our One God. Love and Truth flow from, and make up, the absolute essence and very nature of our God: …God is Love–1 John 4:8;  Jesus answered, “I am…the Truth…”–John 14:6

Love and Truth can never be divided. No wedge can ever come between them. The unfailing strength of God’s Love and Truth together will hold us tightly in our daily days and in our darkest hours–giving us hope, peace and joy.

Love rejoices with the truth.

Love can only, and will always, rejoice and celebrate with the Truth. Out of Love Jesus took the punishment for everything that would separate us from our God.

This is God’s Loving Truth that sets His people free.

Free from every shred and tentacle of deception.

Free from every form of fear.

Free from every damaging wound to our heart, soul, mind and strength.

Free to keep in step with the Spirit.

Free to run in the paths of the Lord’s commands.

Free from every accusation, every blemish caused by our sin.

Free from the power of death.

Free to live forever with our ABBA–the One God of Love and Truth. 

Love rejoices with the truth.

God’s Love and Truth are always in full agreement. Their purpose is one. Their might is unfailing.

It is God’s Love that reached me, and filled me, when I didn’t know, and didn’t trust that I could ever be loved. It is God’s Truth that turned my mind and my world completely upside-right (from being upside-down!). God’s Love and Truth has transformed–and will (necessarily) continue to transform me every day of my life–on this side of Heaven.

There is no separation between God’s Love and Truth. And we who are in Christ can never be separated from Him. Held by God’s Love and Truth, we are given incredible power to live in an intimate relationship with our ABBA.

Love rejoices with the truth–with great reason! And so should we!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane