June 19


Some time ago I got some Anonymous Love sent to me. It came in the form of a card – a message mailed to my home. Not voice-mailed, not emailed, not texted, not facebooked, not tweeted, not blogged. (Although, love in each of these forms – through any delivery system, food and hugs included – is still fabulous and deeply appreciated love!)

The Anonymous Love Card was signed by “a servant and messenger of God” – and began with this phrase: “Your life shows what your words tell – that daily walking with God really makes all the difference.”

It made me just stop. Really Stop. I was thankful. I was blessed by this gift of Anonymous Love. The message was such a kind and timely encouragement to me – as it was meant to be. (If the sender is reading this: Thank you for taking the time to speak to my heart with such loving and powerful words from your heart and God’s!)

What also made me just stop – Really Stop – was that I was absolutely humbled by the reality that my open faith walk is being openly reviewed, openly watched, openly critiqued and openly tested by others for its authenticity. Of course, at one level, I know this – and have for a long time. I also know that this is exactly what should happen. We are “to test the spirits” (1 John 4:1). Still, it caught my attention. Not so much about being judged as authentic or not, but realizing that my words, actions and interactions may influence the way other precious people view God. That is a very humbling and challenging (and a little bit daunting) reality for me.

Oh! I am so thankful that it is God who is perfect love. It is God who is perfect goodness. Perfect presence. Perfect hope, joy and peace. Therefore, whenever and however God chooses to use me – in my brokenness, in my quirkiness, and in spite of the fact that I am frail, flawed and finite – I can be fully confident that it will be God who is seen and made known, and it will be God who makes every real and lasting difference in anyone’s life! I just need to trust my God and point to Jesus! Just as others have done, and do, so for me – with their faithful words and ways and through their faithful lives.

So, yes, I am humbled and challenged as I think about the influence my faith walk can have on others. Yet, more than anything, I am thankful for the walk that Jesus chose to walk for each of us. Jesus walks with us as Immanuel – God with us, as the Holy Lamb of God – giving His life for the forgiveness of our sins, and as the Risen, Conquering King – giving us eternal life!

With all my heart, energy and life, I want everyone to know the love of Jesus and the very real and eternal difference He is able to make in each of our lives! There is nothing anonymous about the love of Jesus! He has given His all, for all to know, for all to receive. And our Lord wants us, as His ambassadors, to reflect the glory of His love to all those around us, and to be united, loving each other deeply, as we do this!

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you [a spirit of unity] the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. – Romans 15:5-6

Be encouraged! Be an encourager for Jesus! Anonymously or obviously, share His love!