June 07


A tangible act of love and kindness – no matter how small it may seem to you – can be used in a big way by our very big God!

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ ” – Matthew 25:40

It doesn’t have to be big. Our God is! God is able to take every gesture, word and action that reflect His character of love and kindness and touch the hearts of others in immeasurable ways. Think of some of those ways that God has touched you in big ways through the small, loving, kind acts of another. I cannot even begin to tell all the ways that I have been touched by the loving, kind acts of others over my lifetime. But! Here are just a few:

The simple, spoken and written, encouragements that some of my teachers gave me as they saw something in me that no one in my family saw or was willing to acknowledge.

The friend and her family who shared the love of Jesus, great afternoon snacks and so much of their precious time with me.

The Pastor who met with me after school, to go through the required lessons, so that I could walk myself down the church aisle to be baptized at age 13.

The two older couples at church who always made an effort to speak and laugh with me, and make me feel loved as a young teenager who came to church on my own.

The woman who was courageous enough to challenge me to obey God’s command to forgive all who had caused me horrendous pain and warped my early life.

The boy who befriended me (a crazy, hurting, Jesus-loving girl) and trusted God enough to marry me. Okay. Maybe this one’s not so small. Happy Anniversary, my Timmy!

The friends who traveled for hours to visit and pray with my mom when she was dying, even though they had never met her.

The friends who made chocolate-chip brownies for my daughter’s kindergarten birthday party so I could stay a little longer with my mom during one of her last days on this earth.

The friend who walked with me for hours while I sobbed over a deeply painful rejection.

The friends who talked me into keeping a manicure appointment I couldn’t afford, then sneakily went and paid for it so I could “feel like me” for a speaking engagement I had.

The friend who created special music CDs to remind me of deep times of ministry.

Every meal ever made for my family during hard times of mourning, illness and injury.

Each note, email, text, call, visit, smile and hug that came to me at just the right time.

Each prayer ever prayed for me by another.

Small gestures, maybe. Small cost to the giver, probably. But, these and so many other small gifts of love and kindness given by so many precious people have had a big impact on me and on the direction my life has taken. I was “one of the least of these.” But, not to God. And God used each of these seemingly small gifts of love and kindness to assure me of just how big He is, and how big His love for me is! What was done for me was done for Jesus. And I am so very, very thankful. And so is Jesus.

May we each be ever more aware of those around us and choose to touch their lives, and the heart of Jesus, with tangible acts of love and kindness. It doesn’t have to be big. Our God is!