February 24–Love is…–part 10–Love Always Protects, Love Always Trusts

God loves His children in passionately protective ways. He guards our very souls in His almighty care. No matter what our circumstances are, God never leaves us alone. As God’s children we can never be separated from His protective love. Never.

No matter how insane or sad, broken or frightening our experiences may be, God is absolutely faithful to us. God’s love will always protect us. Always.

God will need to grow us up, however, so that we will understand this from His eternal perspective. We usually respond to how we feel about our immediate circumstances. And sometimes they are very hard and very ugly. Still, this truth remains: God is completely trustworthy.

Our highest and deepest way to demonstrate our love for God is to trust Him. Trust His Word. Trust His Spirit. Trust His Truth. Trust His Love. Trusting God is eternally bound up in how we live here on earth and where we will spend our eternal destiny.

And God wants us to live in His protective, trustworthy love–now and forever.

 Love always protects, Love always trusts     I Corinthians 13:7

Personal Reflections from Sylane:                                                                           Love always protects, Love always trusts. 

God is our protector, our defender. And God calls us to intentionally love others through protecting them–especially those in our most intimate relationships.  

In practical terms it’s easy to see how that protective love may be expressed as parents. We care for, nurture and raise our children. We actively set up reasonable (??) boundaries and limits that will help keep our precious ones out of harm’s way.

(It’s a darn good thing that we know God never leaves them, and that He is trustworthy! Because sometimes the circumstances just don’t match what we want for our babies’ protection! No matter how old they are! Oh! Give me some more Eternal Perspective!)

 Love always protects, Love always trusts.

Love does NOT limit its protection to the young. Love’s protection is to be offered tenaciously in ALL relationships. First, and foremost, we are to actively protect our intimate relationship with  our Lord. 

And second only to our relationship with God, we are to lovingly, passionately protect our marriages–our unity and intimacy as a couple. 

We are to protect our families–how ever small, large, combined, diversified or spread over vast distances they may be.

This makes me ask some questions of all of us. Do our husbands, wives, children, parents, in-laws, siblings, and beyond…feel lovingly safe in their relationship with us?

This makes me ask some questions of myself. Am I a safe harbor, a refreshing place of rest for the people in my life? Do they feel protected by me? In a world that offers so little protection to our hearts and minds and spirits, do my most precious ones know they can run into my protective arms of love? (Or phone-calls or emails or texts of love?)

Or do they need to run for cover? Do I make them feel like they’re walking on eggshells? Are they afraid of how I will react? Or are they completely unprotected because they’re not even sure which Sylane they may meet up with today?

Love intentionally protects the life and dignity of each human being. I need to do this always–starting right in the center of my family.

 Love always protects, Love always trusts.

As we begin to understand God’s protective love for us, we can really begin to trust others. The more we trust God, who is the only One completely and constantly trustworthy, we will be able to risk ourselves more by trusting others.

Protective and trusting love is God’s One way to love, not two. 

Love always protects, Love always trusts.

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane