Most of us have used some kind of a GPS, Global Positioning System, to help us find our way when traveling along a new or unknown route to an unfamiliar destination. By means of an intricate (and totally beyond my grasp) satellite communication system, we can be guided to almost any place in the world. Very cool.

However, even the most sophisticated technology can fail us. Our GPS can be rendered insufficient or incapable of directing us to exactly where we need and want to go. Unexpected circumstances can hinder our way. Road work. Road blocks. Detours. Sudden accidents. Water main breaks. A parade. For me, recently, it was an ice storm with downed wires and downed trees. All kinds of situations can keep us from getting to our destination – in the expected way and within the expected time frame – even with access to the latest and greatest high-tech devices.

Ahhhhh…not so with our God. Our God promises to lead us, His redeemed people, by His unfailing love and to guide us by His strength to the place where our hearts long to be and need to be: In the presence of our Holy God. Our God’s unfailing love and strength can lead and guide us there right now – right in the midst of this world, right in the midst of this life with all of its detours and unexpected circumstances. And, then, one day our God’s unfailing love and strength will lead and guide us fully into His holy dwelling. For all eternity.

In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling. – Exodus 15:13

Yes! Our God has His own GPS for us – His Grace Positioned Salvation – offered through our Lord Jesus Christ. God’s unfailing love led Jesus to the cross. And positioning Himself there, our Jesus cleared the way of any and every sin and shame obstacle, detour and unexpected circumstance that would keep us from becoming the redeemed people of our Holy God. And in God’s strength, Jesus was triumphantly raised to life and promises to lead and guide us to our final and forever destination – the holy dwelling of our Heavenly Father.

Our God’s Grace Positioned Salvation will lead and guide us to become more and more like Jesus while we are still on this side of heaven. When unexpected circumstances or our own sin or pride or fear or stubbornness cause our lives and our faith journeys to be detoured, re-routed or blocked for a time, our Lord will direct us back to His way and His truth and His life. Our God will lead and guide us with His unfailing love and strength. We have been redeemed. We can never be too far off course that our Holy God cannot reach us and bring us back.

And our Holy God will lead and guide each one of us, His redeemed people, to the full and final realization and destination of God’s Grace Positioned Salvation. Our God’s unfailing love and strength will bring us home to live with our Abba in His holy dwelling. Forever. Never to be lost or detoured again.

Ahhhhh…God’s GPS will never fail. May we each choose to follow closely as our God leads and guides us by His unfailing love and strength. Every day of our lives.