Some things just make sense. There is what would seem to be a natural response and order to certain things. The sun rises and the earth is warmed. The rain falls and waters the earth. So it is supposed to be with God’s love. We receive it freely from God. Our response should be to share God’s love freely with others.

Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.                  – 1 John 4:11

We complicate things so much. We ego-tize (I’m making words up again!) things so often.

Truth is, it isn’t so complicated. And it isn’t about us. It’s about God reaching out to each and every one of us in this world with His perfect, life-giving, all-powerful love. Since God loves us so outrageously, persistently, unfailingly, passionately much, we ought to – we should, we must, we need to – love others! It just makes sense.

So, let’s de-complicate things. De-egotize them.

Our best and most perfect way of responding to the love of our Holy God is to love the people around us. This is what Jesus did. And for us who are true followers of Christ, it is what we ought to do. Without making it more complicated. By setting aside our ego. Loving others – all others and even, and maybe especially, those who hurt us, frustrate us, disappoint us, fail us, or just plain make us crazy – is what we are called to do.

It isn’t about us. It’s about Jesus.

It’s all about becoming more and more like Jesus and letting His transforming love take greater power over everything that we are and every way that we interact with others. It’s all about letting Christ’s love teach us and lead us, intimately and powerfully, to love others more and more like He does. Loving someone not for what we can get out of it. But loving someone because it is the right thing – the God thing – to do. Loving others because of God’s love for us just makes sense. Anything less, anything more complicated or ego-tized, just doesn’t.

Oh, this kind of love might not make sense to people who don’t yet know the love of Jesus for themselves. This kind of love may even look downright foolish at times. (Oh, my goodness! God has written a number of foolish-love stories into my life. Often when I’m traveling on planes, trains, subways or have entirely different plans for my day. I think this comes with the territory for all of us who follow Jesus!)

We are called to love full out and foolishly, if necessary. It’s okay if it doesn’t make sense to others. God’s love still brings His unfathomable grace, truth, freedom and life to all who would receive His love. Always. All the more reason for us to choose to love those who have not yet received God’s love and salvation for themselves. Loving others because of Christ’s love for us is able to break the power of hell and soften the hardest of hearts! Starting with our own.

So, let’s not complicate or ego-tize our interactions with others so much. God loves us. Let’s love others. It just makes sense.